Take off on day-to-night adventures from sports activities at Singapore Zoo and River Wonders, to a milestone exhibition at Night Safari and parrot-themed activities at Bird Paradise

Night Safari 30 celebrations Mandai Wildlife GroupNight Safari’s 30th anniversary celebrations bring visitors on an adventure through time, revisiting old memories and crowd favourites from the past such as this iconic fiery performance. Photo credit: Mandai Wildlife Group

Mark your calendars! This June school holiday, plenty is in store at the Mandai Wildlife Reserve, home of Singapore’s wildlife parks, to engage the kids and offer something for everyone else too. From 24 May to 8 September 2024, experience Zoolympix buzz at Singapore Zoo and River Wonders, Night Safari‘s 30th anniversary celebrations and Meet the Flock at Bird Paradise.

Learn through Play with Zoolympix at Singapore Zoo and River Wonders

After a five-year hiatus, Zoolympix is back and bigger than before. Step into the dynamic arena of Zoolympix, a signature event where the spirit of sports meets the wild wonders of nature! From 25 May to 25 August 2024, the young and young at heart are welcome to engage in a spectrum of fun and interactive activities inspired by the amazing natural abilities of wildlife. See animals such as the elephant, ring-tailed lemur, manatee and archerfish in a whole new light! Put your strength to the test by pulling ropes to hoist crates of different weights – an activity inspired by the impressive weightlifting abilities of elephants which can effortlessly carry around 315kg with their trunks alone.

Zoolympix Mandai Wildlife GroupPlay and compete in friendly challenges inspired by the natural abilities of wildlife. Photo Credit: Mandai Wildlife Group

Find out how much power you can generate through cycling and compare that to the electric eels which can release electric charges of up to 650 volts. Instead of relying on their eyesight, eels emit faint electric signals for navigation, locating mates and detecting prey. Families can pick up the Zoolympix Challenge Booklet and set out on a trail across Singapore Zoo and River Wonders to explore the activity stations and Instagrammable photo points.

Owndays Myopia Lens Upgrade

There is also an exciting new addition of a Champions Village in Singapore Zoo and River Wonders. Upon completing activities throughout the wildlife parks, visitors can redeem exclusive medal-like pins, serving as souvenirs of their adventure. They can also take the chance to strike a triumphant pose at the podium photo point! The Champions Village offers fringe activities to delight guests of all ages.

The activities vary at both parks but expect to be hands-on in crafting a Zoolympix torch or making a pouch from recycled PVC canvas, which will add to the fun of the Zoolympix experience. There will also be special encounters with penguins, fennec foxes or snakes at the Champions Village in Singapore Zoo.

Masked Palm Civet Mandai Wildlife GroupThe masked palm civet is one of the new additions to the refreshed Into the Wild presentation at Singapore Zoo. Photo Credit: Mandai Wildlife Group

As part of the festivities, swing by Singapore Zoo’s amphitheatre to catch the refreshed animal presentation, ‘Into the Wild’ (previously Rainforest Fights Back) where new species like the masked palm civet, banded mongoose and bearded pig join existing wildlife ambassadors like the ring-tailed lemur, coatimundi and Asian small-clawed otter on stage. Discover the remarkable abilities of these creatures and learn about the threats that they face.

@thenewageparents Step into the dynamic arena of Zoolympix at Mandai Wildlife Reserve! Now to 25 Aug 2024, enjoy interactive activities inspired by sports and the incredible abilities of wildlife! Hop over to our website for more activities not to be missed before school holiday ends! #familyfun #kidsactivities #naturelovers #outdoorfun #wildlife #qualitytime #familytime #funforallages #sgkids #funforkids #schoolholidays ♬ A refreshing and active video PV house(1029661) – ImoKenpi-Dou

Celebrate 30 Marvellously Mysterious Years of Night Safari

As the world’s first nocturnal wildlife park celebrates 30 years, visitors to Night Safari will be taken on a journey through time with installations and experiences that showcase the park’s remarkable evolution over the past decades. To mark the special occasion, local residents can purchase a pair of Night Safari admission tickets at $30 each from 17 May till 23 June 2024.

Night Safari Shhh-ecret Trail Mandai Wildlife GroupRedeem one of four commemorative pins upon completion of challenges on the digital Night Safari Shhh-ecret Trail. Photo Credit: Mandai Wildlife Group

Embark on a digital trail around Night Safari to learn about the park’s achievements and discover lesser-known stories and memories about the park, as told by its keepers and members. View mementos that pay homage to the park’s rich heritage and contributions to conservation, such as drawings from the original project manifesto, old entry ticket stubs and other souvenirs.

Participate in other activities only available during this period including close encounters with animal ambassadors like snakes and owls during photo sessions. Deepen your understanding about the sloth bear and clouded leopard as keepers share their knowledge during these special feeding sessions. Over at East Lodge, visitors can try their hand at creating animal enrichment devices that help keep our animals mentally and physically stimulated, with guidance from the keepers. An anniversary-exclusive fire performance will also be available daily at the Entrance Courtyard of Night Safari.


A new walking trail dedicated to native wildlife and Southeast Asian species like the Sunda pangolin and binturong will also soon be unveiled, adding yet another momentous event to Night Safari’s collection of milestones.

Meet the Flock at Bird Paradise

Meet the Flock Mandai Wildlife GroupAs part of the Meet the Flock series, hear interesting nuggets about our birds as they are being fed at the Parrot Keeper Talks. Photo Credit: Mandai Wildlife Group

Over at Bird Paradise, visitors can enjoy a new ‘Meet the Flock’ series that will spotlight a different avian species each month. The first series kicks off from 31 May to 30 June 2024 in conjunction with World Parrot Day, with specially curated parrot-themed activities such as a behind-the-scenes Parrot Guided Tour (Lite) to meet parrot chicks, as well as Parrot Keeper Talks at Hong Leong Foundation Crimson Wetlands and Lory Loft to discover fascinating facts about these colourful and intelligent birds from their keepers.

Visitors can purchase a pair of promotional admission tickets to Bird Paradise at 30 per cent off to join in the month-long celebration dedicated to parrots, and complete a self-guided trail to redeem exclusive parrot pins and a lanyard. Don’t miss out on the special monthly bird pin release and complete your collection of the distinctive flocks with these special additions.

For more information on Zoolympix visit here, Night Safari’s 30th anniversary celebration here and Meet the Flock here.

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