The inaugural Sentosa Island Sky Lantern Festival marks a historic event in Singapore’s festival scene. This family-friendly program is designed to infuse joy, positivity, unity, hope, love, and everlasting memories into the hearts of participants.

Singapore Sky Lantern FestivalPhoto credit: Singapore Sky Lantern Festival

Attendees, whether families, couples, friends, neighbours, or individuals, can come together to partake in this cheerful and unforgettable experience. The festival offers a diverse array of delectable local and international culinary delights, snacks, and beverages for all to enjoy.

Singapore Sky Lantern Festival Sentosa Palawan BeachPhoto credit: Singapore Sky Lantern Festival

The festivities kick off with an afternoon Music Festival featuring a spectrum of music genres, including R&B, House, EDM, Pop, and Rock. Renowned celebrity DJs and surprise cultural performances promise to captivate the audience.

Attendees are invited to join the luminous lantern launch, symbolically releasing wishes into the night sky. This gesture not only bids farewell to misfortune but also transforms the night into an unforgettable celebration filled with delectable cuisine, entertainment, and aspirations for the future.

📅 21 Feb 2024
⏰ 3pm – 12am
📍 Palawan Green, Sentosa
🏷 Charges apply

For more information, visit here.

Policy and Security:

  • Sky Lanterns are biodegradable made of oiled rice paper, with bamboo string.
  • The lighted sky lantern shall remain tethered at all times.
  • Lanterns will float in the air space for 5-10 mins till the candle subside, and attendees can retrieve back the lanterns to the ground with the string attached to it.
  • No free release of sky lantern.
  • Safety marshallers are to be present on-site to supervise and prevent the lanterns from being intentionally or inadvertently released into the air space.
  • Safety marshallers shall be equipped with fire extinguishers to deal with fire-related contingencies.
  • Outside food and drinks are not allowed in the venue.
  • Free admission for children 0-7 years old.
  • Attendees are allowed to bring mats, foldable chairs and blankets.


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