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SCCC’s Cultural Extravaganza Returns for its Fifth Year in 2022

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Back for its fifth year, Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre (SCCC) announced the grand return of its marquee event Cultural Extravaganza, which will take place from 13 May to 19 June 2022. Notable local art groups like Bhaskar’s Arts Academy, Nine Years Theatre, T.H.E Dance Company, TENG Ensemble, Jazz Association (Singapore), Ding Yi Music Company, and PLAYInc will be joining this year’s festival lineup.

Cultural Extravaganza

A central theme of Cultural Extravaganza 2022 is the idea of “crossovers”, which represents the endless possibilities of creativity through collaborations between different arts groups in Singapore. This is part of the festival’s efforts to represent and re-present culture for every generation.

SCCC Cultural Extravaganza

With 14 digital and on-site programmes over 38 days, ranging from musicals, concerts, interactive exhibitions, and dance productions, Cultural Extravaganza 2022 will gather groups from various genres to explore the intersections of cultures, art forms, and generations.

SCCC Cultural Extravaganza Funderland

A Collaboration Between Art Forms

Bringing together arts groups from different disciplines, catch newly-imagined and captivating performances made possible by their groundbreaking collaborations.

Whether it’s an alluring display of Chinese chamber music combined with dance, or a fusion of poetry, calligraphy and music, audiences can expect a collision of ideas to come to life at Cultural Extravaganza 2022.

Some of the cross-disciplinary programmes include SAtheCollective, Nine Years Theatre, and T.H.E Dance Company’s Windward Side of the Mountain, PlayInc’s Shadow Moon, and Ding Yi Music Company’s Seven Sisters’ Sonata.

A Beautiful Tapestry of Cultures

Singapore is a rojak of cultures, traditions, and ethnicities and this has definitely played an important part in shaping our distinctive local Chinese identity.

SCCC Cultural Extravaganza Bhaskars Arts Academy Butterfly LoversBhaskar’s Arts Academy (Butterfly Lovers)

Witness the elegant fusion of Chinese and Indian dance by catching the restaging of Butterfly Lovers, a landmark work by the late Santha Bhaskar, a Cultural Medallion Recipient and doyenne of Indian classical dance.

Drawing inspiration from Chinese folklore, this dance production by Bhaskar’s Arts Academy re-interprets a classic Chinese tale through Bharatanatyam dance.

Cross-cultural elements are also found in the Rhythm of Time mini-film festival and the Mythology RElooked exhibition. The former includes three films that feature the Malay and Indian communities in Singapore. The latter contains artworks of Chinese myths and legends created by artists from different ethnic backgrounds such as Moon Malek (Muneera Malek) and Reza Hasni.

The Perfect Blend of Old and New

When old meets new, sparks fly, and ideas collide! Cultural Extravaganza breathes new life into traditions with a range of cross-generational programmes. From an Insta-worthy tiger art installation inspired by Chinese folktales and nursery rhymes to new renditions of timeless Chinese classics, there are plenty of offerings for young and old.

The TENG Ensemble brings innovation to age-old traditions through The Forefathers Project, a lecture-concert that features original works inspired by Singapore’s Chinese music pioneers and our diverse local dialect musical traditions.

“Cultural Extravaganza will showcase the many ways by which our vibrant Chinese Singaporean culture can inspire our local community. Most importantly, we also seek to re-ignite their love and appreciation for our local culture by highlighting the rich crossovers in Singapore,” says CEO of SCCC, Mr Low Sze Wee.

Cultural Extravaganza 2022 offers both free and ticketed events. For ticketed programmes, SISTIC ticket sales commence from 12 April 2022 onwards.

PAssion Card, NTUC, Safra, HomeTeamNS and meRewards members may enjoy a 20% discount. Please refer to the factsheet or visit our microsite for more details of the respective events.

Kid-friendly Performances, Photo-worthy Installations and More Awaits

Re-presenting culture in fun and imaginative formats to audiences from all walks of life, kids can learn more about our local Chinese culture in an interactive and engaging way through some of our exciting programmes, such as:

  1. Funderland

    Drawing inspiration from the Chinese nursery rhyme Two Tigers and the folktale of Wu Song Fighting the Tiger, Funderland is a playful art installation that brings visitors on an exciting, three-part journey to discover the hidden tigers throughout the SCCC building.

  2. Mythology RElooked

    Venture into the mystical world of Chinese mythology through an interactive and immersive digital art experience in Mythology RElooked! Relive their epic stories as the various mythological characters come to life with the use of augmented reality (AR) technology on your phones!

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新加坡华族文化中心迎来第五届华彩, 献上多部跨文化、跨领域和跨时代作品

新加坡,2022年4月12日— 由新加坡华族文化中心呈献的艺术文化盛会“华彩2022”迈入第五个年头,多个本地著名艺术团体如Bhaskar’s Arts Academy、九年剧场、人·舞团、鼟乐团、新加坡爵士协会、鼎艺团和PLAYInc将加入“华彩2022”的强大阵容,并从5月13日至6月19日献上精彩多元的演出。

“华彩2022”的主题围绕着“跨界”的概念,代表着通过与本地不同艺术团体的合作带来无限的可能 性,继续为不同年龄层的新加坡人重现和重新诠释文化。




无论是结合华乐和舞蹈的迷人演出,或是融合诗、书法和音乐的展览, “华彩2022”的多个节目让 一连串看似异想天开的想象化为真实。




本届“华彩”的跨文化作品包括由深受本地艺术界尊敬的印度传统舞蹈家,也是文化奖得主—— 已故善达·巴斯卡(Santha Bhaskar) 编导的《化蝶》。作善达为 ·巴斯卡的代表作之一,这部作品的灵感来自中国古代民间爱情故事《梁山伯与祝英台》,舞步也融合了华族舞和印度舞元素,以印度传统舞蹈重新诠释了这个华人都熟悉不过的故事。

《与时“剧”进 —— 华彩‘22迷你电影节》和《神话重现》展览也具有跨文化元素。前者收录的短片中就有3部是关于马来和印族族群的故事。后者则展出由20位艺术家诠释中国传说和神话故事的画作,其中4位是马来艺术家,如Moon Malek (真名:Muneera Malek) and Reza Hasni。



新加坡华族文化中心总裁刘思伟说,“‘华彩2022’推出一系列别出心裁且丰富多元的节目,以多种 方式吸引本地民众接触本土华族文化和艺术。我们更希望通过突显多部本地跨界作品,重燃大家对本土文化的欣赏与热爱。”


Passion、 NTUC、SAFRA、HomeTeamNS和meRewards卡持有人可享受20%折扣。请参考媒体资料或浏览微网站获取各节目的详情。

Things to do this weekend
Best Pineapple Tarts

Julia Gabriel Centre

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