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Cultural Extravaganza

Enjoy a musical performance that boldly fuses Peranakan influences with traditional Nanyin, listen to multi-lingual retellings of lesser-known Singapore legends and myths, learn more about our daily cup of coffee, experience heart-stopping street circus acts and more!

Come and witness our Chinese culture come alive at the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre’s signature programme, Cultural Extravaganza 2019. Returning for its 3rd edition from 24 May to 15 June, the Festival will feature an immersive and entertaining line-up of programmes for people from all walks of life, inviting all to rediscover cultural influences intertwined in our everyday life.

SCCC Cultural Extravaganza returns 2019

Mr Low Sze Wee, CEO of the Cultural Centre, said, “Culture is all around us. Through Cultural Extravaganza 2019, we hope to cast a spotlight on the many ways in which our evolving local Chinese culture has influenced our social practices, language, music and other art forms. We are delighted to partner many local talents to present our culture in enjoyable ways through a diverse line-up of programmes. We hope that the Festival will kickstart everyone’s journey in discovering more about our distinctive culture, and inspire them to appreciate the strong connections that bind us.”

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Local Partners Present A Feast for Your Senses

Participants can look forward to three weeks of programmes specially presented by local arts groups in fresh and innovative ways. It will be a treat for your senses from visually spectacular performances with heart-stopping action to insightful exhibitions about our way of life, soothing tunes that provide a respite from our hectic daily lives, gastronomical delights to delight our taste-buds and not forgetting plenty of hands-on opportunities at our workshops and fairs.

Cultural Extravaganza 2019 will kick off with a cross-cultural musical performance Memoirs of Nanyang by Singapore Chinese Cultural Contribution Award’s first recipient Siong Leng Musical Association. The musical tells a cross-generational tale of an immigrant in Nanyang who grapples with his constant longing for home. This performance will highlight the Association’s bold fusion of traditional Nanyin music with more contemporary Malay and pop tunes for the first time.

The Festival will also see the return of a hallmark of Singapore’s early entertainment scene – circus acts and street wayang. Singapore’s very own community circus Bornfire will be presenting Circus by the People (不马虎,不儿戏) – a visual spectacle of juggling acts, diabolo spinning, and aerial performances; while GroundZ-0 Street Theatre will redefine storytelling and uncover the lesser known legends and myths of Singapore with an interactive retro game show ISland TaleS – A Multi-lingual Street Wayang (岛屿传奇).

Culture in our everyday lives

Many may not be aware of the impact of Singapore Chinese culture on the way we live, work, study and play! Be ready for an exciting and enriching experience at Cultural Extravaganza 2019. Visitors can find out more about our culture through comics at the Creative Market, and craft products by local independent brands while shopping at the Sing Life Collective Market. Planning a wedding or reminiscing the day you walked down the aisle? Join us for a special exhibition which traces how Chinese wedding traditions of the different dialect groups have evolved over the years and reflect about how different it is then and now.

Kossip Cultural Extravaganza
[Image credit to Rickshaw Coffee]

Visitors can also learn more about our culture through a series of hands-on workshops. A topic very close to everyone’s heart – our local breakfast, will be brought to the forefront at Nanyang Coffee Exhibition and Workshop. Participants will learn how Singapore’s quintessential cup of kopi, kaya toast, and traditional teh came to be through a series of interactive experiences by Kossip (口加口非). Other workshop programmes will allow you to hone your imagination with a Peranakan beading and tile colouring workshop; get crafty by creating miniature clay art pieces of local biscuits; and even try your hand at being a percussion artist with Drum Feng.

our home concert cultural extravaganza
[Image credit to Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre]

Visitors will be immersed in an auditory feast of original compositions across musical genres – from popular tunes performed by the Singapore National Youth Chinese Orchestra at Reverberance of Youth II and youth ensemble Reverberance at Evolution of Chinese Wind Percussion; swing tunes at Jazz It Up!; to Chinese chorale music curated by Singapore Chinese Cultural Contribution Award 2018 recipient Mr Lee Yuk Chuan for Our Home. Peranakan Sayang also promises a good laugh with their new song parody “Come and Play Mahjong”, at Peranakan Sayang in Concert.

The Festival’s much-anticipated finale, crowd favourite Sing.Lang Concert will also make a grand return this year, with local headliners such as Kit Chan, A-do, Nathan Hartono and Gentle Bones. Featuring stalwarts of our local music scene, to next generation singers, who are all making waves in international music markets, concert-goers can jive to a night of great tunes! Distinguished music producer for many of Asia’s top stars Ruth Ling will return to helm the concert as the executive producer and creative director, while accomplished homegrown music maestro Jimmy Ye will once again take up the mantle of co-creative director.

Through a selection of programmes that cut across genres and themes, there is something for everyone at Cultural Extravaganza 2019 to enjoy and uncover the cultural influences in our daily lives. The Festival will be held across various locations within the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre (1 Straits Boulevard, Singapore 018906). Registration for selected programmes and performances starts 6 May 2019, kindly visit here for more details.

It is the one month June school break, we have compiled a list of activities and things to do this June School Holidays 2019. Click the image to find out more.

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今年”华彩”有许多活动的题材都来自我们的日常生活。新加坡华族文化中心总裁刘思伟说:”文化就在你我的周围。我们希望通过今年‘华彩’ 的一系列活动,为大家展现本土华族文化如何不断演变,且影响我们习俗、语言、音乐和艺术。我们很高兴能与本地艺术文化团体合作,以创新有趣的方式把一系列节目呈献给公众。希望大家由此开启一段探索自身文化的旅程,对本土文化有多一分认识和了解。”






也许你并没留意到,本土华族文化早已根植于我们的日常生活、工作、学习、游戏和娱乐当中。来逛一逛”新生活文创市集”和”创意集市”,看看本地艺 术家所创作的漫画和文创手作,你将会发现生活中的文化宝藏。正在筹备婚礼的朋友,不妨来参观”等登登灯”展览,一窥本地不同籍贯的华人婚礼过去到现在的演变,从中取经,了解现代华人婚礼的习俗。另外,”口加口非”展览将把本地早餐带到现场,让公众边品尝边探寻本地南洋咖啡文化,了解一杯好咖啡、咖椰面包和传统茶饮的由来。


喜欢听音乐会的公众选择也不少。新加坡国家青年华乐团将在《青春回响2》音乐会上,演奏多首大家喜爱的华乐作品及本地电视剧金曲。响吹打团(Reverberance)将呈献《时光倒流:吹打篇》音乐会,带给大家动感十足的吹打曲目。还有由新加坡华族文化贡献奖得主李煜传领导的《我们的家园》合唱音乐会和”Peranakan Sayang”充满土生华人音乐特色的《娘惹风情》音乐会。也别错过新加坡”摇摆之王”蒙特罗(Jeremy Monteiro)与爵士歌手董姿彦、谈润苹、陈胤希携手演绎多首经典的华语歌曲。

此外,万众期待的”Sing·浪”演唱会2019,将以更大的声势登场。在国际音乐市场引领风骚的本地歌手陈洁仪、阿杜、向洋、何维健、Gentle Bones等以及在新生代歌手将同台演出,呈献一场活力四射的演唱会。著名音乐制作人林雅慧和本地音乐才子叶良俊将再度携手合作策划这场演唱会。


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