Science Centre Singapore is proud to present to you the latest edition of Young Learners’ Festival!

On 7 Oct 2016, we have lined up a series of fun and educational activities at the Science Centre especially for your children!

young- learners festival

This year’s theme is “Nature’s Explorers” and children will be given the opportunity to participate in a couple of hands-on activities and bring back their own hand made souvenirs. In addition, through exclusive garden activities, students can immerse themselves in the Ecogarden and be thrilled by a delightful experience with the plants and animals. Last but not least, students will be entertained by a fascinating Science show.

Date: 7 October 2016
Time: 1.30pm – 5pm
Venue: Marquee & Ecogarden
Fees*: Public $2 per activity (*Admission charges to Science Centre apply.)

Activities of the Festival include:

  • Birds Peck, Monkeys Climb!: What makes a bird a bird? Learn more about the characteristics of birds and make your very own pecking bird toy to take home! For older students, learn more about monkeys and create your own climbing monkey toy.
  • The Amazing Rainforest Show: Rainforests are treasure troves of natural diversity and beauty. Join Lola, the young explorer, in her adventure through the amazing rainforest to discover some of nature’s wonders.
  • It’s Bug-gy Time!: Did you know that bees have five eyes, or that ants don’t sleep at all? Insects make up almost 80 per cent of animals on Earth and can be found almost anywhere in nature. Explore the characteristics of insects and their life cycles, and bring home a BUG-GY craft as well.
  • Garden Hunt: Plants provide us with many yummy treats, and animals do their part to help these plants thrive. Explore our Ecogarden with our friendly guides to find out more about the food that we get from plants, and go on a hunt for an animal that helps plants grow healthily!

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