Yamie Chicken Rice with Crispy Salsa Chicken Fillets

2 – 3 Servings

Ingredients A:
1 box Yamie Chicken Rice
100ml Cooking oil
8 to 10 slices Cucumber (sliced)
6 halves Cherry tomato (halved)
1 stalk Spring onion

Ingredients B:
2 large pcs Chicken fillet
2 tbsp Ginger juice
1 tbsp Light soya sauce
¼ tsp Fine salt
1 tbsp Chicken powder
½ tbsp Fine sugar
4 tbsp Water

Ingredients C:
½ Beaten Egg
2 ½ tbsp Rice Flour
1 ½ tbsp Cornstarch

Ingredients D: (Salsa Sauce)
3 Cherry tomato (Diced)
5 tbsp Salsa sauce

Cooking Method:

  1. Cook 1 box of Yamie Chicken Rice (follow cooking instructions on box).
  2. Mix ingredients B and marinade for 2 hrs.
  3. Add in ingredients C to marinated chicken fillet. Mix well.
  4. Heat the oil in a wok, deep-fry chicken fillets till golden brown.
  5. Mix ingredients D. Set aside.
  6. Garnish Yamie Chicken Rice with halved cherry tomatoes, cucumber slices and spring onion stalk.
  7. Serve Yamie Chicken Rice with chicken fillets and salsa sauce. Serve hot.

This recipe was taken from Yamie Rice.

For more information, go to www.yamierice.com