wowart sep holiday workshop

WowART Learning Studio School Holiday Workshops 3-7 Sept 2012

Kids on Canvas! (requires 2 workshop-pass, 2.5 hours)

Our signature canvas painting workshops for budding artists are here again. Come join us as we discover these visionary talents and explore the endless world of possibilities through painting. This time we introduce you to Romero Britto, Piet Mondrian and Cézanne. Discover the characteristics of paints, learn the various aspects of painting, develop new skills and talents while painting your unique masterpieces.

All that ART Workshops (requires 1 workshop-pass, 75 minutes)

Our wide variety of holiday workshops stretch beyond boundaries with its mixture of mediums used, thematic approaches, exploration of cultures and a wide selection of topics! These workshops will exposed students to skills such as observation, problem solving and creative expressions. This holiday, choose from a variety of workshops such as paper marche, mixed media, sculpting and painting. These workshops are specially designed to loosen your child’s creative imagination and ignite their creative juices.

Let’s be ACTIVE Workshops (requires 1 workshop-pass, 75 minutes)

The premier of our 1st ever Active Learning holiday workshops! These workshops nurtures the Social Emotional Competencies of Self Management, Self Awareness, Responsible Decision-Making, Relationship Management and Social Awareness in children. Through activities that encourage communication and collaboration, children will use their observation and problem-solving skills to explore, discover and create new experiences.

Workshop Passes:

  • 1 Workshop Pass – $38
  • 2 Workshop Pass – $70
  • 5 Workshop Pass – $175
  • 10 Workshop Pass – $330

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Enjoy a 5% discount for sign-up before 2nd September 2012
  2. For further enquiries, email us at or call 6352 2221 (between Wednesday to Sunday)
  3. For the program schedules, visit us at WowART Learning Facebook Page
  4. Located at 200 Upper Thomson Road, #01-10, Singapore 574424
  5. Registrations for September Holiday Workshop has to be made 3 days in advance.

“I loved the lesson! We used newspaper and paint. I had never done it before, but still everyone in my family loved my painting. I wanted to go for another workshop but my father said we don’t have time. I wish I could have gone for the Pop-Art one. I felt like a real painter. “ –
9-year-old Sara Iman Yen, who attended Kids on Canvas!

“We are glad that we signed up for the Holiday Program as it did not disappoint us! Our children enjoyed the workshops and had a great time! Even the Mummies wanted so much to join in the fun, as we looked in from outside the classroom!” –
Adeline Heng, mother of 3-year-old Javen, who attended 5 different holiday workshops including Masquerade and Galaxy World.