Wooden Toys, Feel the Joy!

It is important to choose toys that will develop our children to their fullest potential and stretch their ability to learn creatively. Toys World features toys that foster children’s understanding of how things work. The innovative and quality toys are accredited by EN71 and ASTM safety and quality standards.

Building Skills and Children’s Zeal

look-mummy-art-my_first_tool_boxWooden Tool Box and Accessory Play Set: Amazon

Children working with simple construction tools develop the ability to measure, estimate, and make connections about how their actions influence the effect on a product. As they learn hand-eye coordination focus and dexterity, a sense of achievement can be developed. “My First Toolbox” and “My Giant Workbench” can also provide opportunities for children to experience how it feels to be handy around the home. It’s not just about what we see them building outside, but recognising and valuing how the child within is growing.

“Food Brings a Family Together”


Cooking is an essential part of our lives. Often, when we need to prepare dinner, we ask our children to stay out of the kitchen to protect them from hazards. However, with Gourmet Chef Cruisine, children can learn the basic skills involved in the preparation and serving of food.

These velcro food allow children to practice the movements of slicing with a knife. When used together with the Gourmet Chef Cookware, children are able to be engaged in preparing a meal for the family. Role-playing is crucial skill children need to learn to make sense of their world and daily experiences.

As children imitate us with the Gourmet set of toys, we have an opportunity to guide and teach them to enjoy the process of cooking. Through this connection, our relationship with children can be strengthened as we each gain a deeper understanding of one another.

For The Young Ones

creative peg puzzleToddler Wooden Peg Puzzle: Amazon

Creative Peg Puzzle is a simple study toy with bright colours. Through manipulating the various pieces, children develop an understanding of cause and effect. This compact toy incorporates foundations in colours, patterns and logical thinking. Spend time interacting with your young child. Stimulate their senses and ability to make meaning of and appreciate the objects around them.

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