speak-read-speech-drama-editionWINK to LEARN Speak & Read Chinese (Speech & Drama Edition) 3-DVDs Program helps your child to read more than 800 words and also speak proper Mandarin confidently. This program contains separate lessons for both Simplfied Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

In a Speech & Drama video, the dialogue audio is purposely lowered significantly. Therefore this allows children, parents and educators to take up different roles like caterpillar, tortoise, squirrel and etc. This interactive and innovative way of learning definitely helps your child in his/her ability to master Chinese from young.

Each story video is accompanied with a Speech & Drama video. After watching the story video for a few times, your child is able to role-play using the Speech & Drama video.

This 3-DVDs program contains 20 children stories, 10 flashcard lessons as well as a Chinese poem for young children. It also contains separate lessons for both Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.