Wink to Learn iBook - ZebraWINK to LEARN Pte Ltd, one of the largest early learning media developers in Singapore, announced the debut of their range of multimedia and multitouch iBooks in Apple’s iBookstore cover more than 30 countries worldwide. Being the first company in Singapore to retail various interactive and multimedia iBooks series, WINK to LEARN fused media and book content seamlessly to deliver an absolutely different experience in learning.

Lee Hann Yang, Managing Director of WINK to LEARN comments, “Young readers can now have fun reading iBooks which we had nicely arranged the contents, videos as well as pictures. We are thrilled to be the first in Singapore to embark on this new iBookstore platform which provide WINK to LEARN with access to 32 key developed countries worldwide.”

WINK to LEARN in partnership with Virtual GS aims to release at least 100 iBook titles as well as 50 educational apps in this year. This will propel the company to be one of the largest key players in early learning industry within Apple iBookstore. Their iBooks are available in 32 countries outside South East Asia”

wink to learn ibook

Founded in 2008 with its Headquarters in Singapore, WINK to LEARN Pte Ltd develops the world’s largest range of flashcard-inspired DVDs as well as many other early learning programs suitable for children from six months old onwards.

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