In collaboration with the Singapore Zoological Gardens, Night Safari and Jurong Bird Park, Wink to Learn has created an innovative information program especially for children!

In 2009, Mr. Lee Hann Yang conceptualised the idea of collaborating with the Singapore Zoological Gardens, Jurong Bird Park and Night Safari to film and develop an encyclopedic series of DVDs. The purpose was to give children an opportunity to view the animals in action up close, and develop understandings in science while listening to the narrator comment.


Through real-life videography, children are exposed to more than 300 animal and nature facts. Animated pictures are used to explain a science concept and help children understand each animal’s unique characteristics. The DVDs will help children have the opportunity to visit the habitats of the animals featured in each disc, learn at least 500 new English and Chinese phrases. I believe that Hann Yang has the entrepreneur spirit by being able to identify what the market needs, and conceptualize products to meet the needs of all customers.

There is much planning and testing during the processing of development before its release to be a high-quality educational resource for families with young children. A distinctive quality unique in Wink to Learn products are the reality of the pictures. When children are exposed to pictures in their natural context, they are able to better appreciate the world in which we live in.

A Picture speaks a thousand words – Latin Saying.” Imagine how much meaning a moving picture can convey. You can get Wink to Learn products here.

Also, find out more about Wink to Learn in an exclusive interview with the founder. Remember: The most important gift we as parents can give our children is to provide them with opportunities to learn from a young age, and to enjoy the learning process :)

Article written by Michele See