Amazing RainforestWink to Learn has launched new Animals DVD Series which I feel will be a top hit among children. Zoo is one hot spot which the kids love to visit. When my kids and I visit the Singapore zoo, I will be overwhelmed with their endless questions? For many of the questions, I am usually clueless. When I started reading the write-ups and tried explaining to them, they have already wondered away and turned their interest to other animals nearby.

The Animals DVD Series by Wink to Learn is a very structured program to introduce facts of the animals to the kids. There are 3 series currently – Amazing Rainforest, African Safari and Threatened Species.

What I like about the Wink To Learn Animals Series?

  • The animals from different habitats are well classified into different DVDs.
  • The facts of the animals are presented in a more graphical format which is easy for the children to understand and more captivating for them.
  • Children can have a very good view of the animals, which they probably will not be able to do so sometimes when they visit the zoo. My children were pretty disappointed when the animals were sleeping and they could not see the animals clearly.

African Safari Threatened Species
What can be improved on?

  • The speaker within the DVD is a little monotonous for my liking. However, she does pronounce the names of the animals clear enough for the children.

In summary, the animal DVDs are great to get for children who love animals and are great fans of the zoo. Wink To Learn Animals DVD Series is also a good one to enhance the kids’ general knowledge on animals.