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bosch-activewater-eco2-frontMany believe that washing dishes by hand is cheaper than using a dishwasher. On the contrary, a Bosch dishwasher lowers your utility bills, saving you energy and water. Now Bosch has gone a step further and combined two innovative technologies to save you even more.

Presenting the Bosch Activewater Eco² – the world’s most economical dishwasher providing a combination of the economical water management system and the multi-award-winning, energysaving Zeolith® technology. This technology is a first of its type that uses zeolite, a natural silicate mineral that is able to store water and heat, can be easily regenerated and last a lifetime.

Award-winning Zeolite drying
Only Bosch dishwashers have containers that store Zeolite minerals and these store moisture and energy with the latter being fed back into the interior as hot air in an efficient drying cycle. This cycle ensures that the minerals are regenerated during each new rinse cycle thereby reducing energy consumption by 30% more than Energy Efficient Class A, Europe’s highest standard.

Efficient water management with ActiveWater
The most recent and radical innovation is the integrated, resource-saving water management system that enables the virtually clean rinsing water from the final rinse cycle to be used for the first rinse of the next load. The result is sensationally low water consumption of only 7 litres for 13 standard place settings! And since less water means less energy used, the power consumption of the ActiveWater Eco² is also significantly reduced.

The hygiene option removes 99.9% of all bacteria and germs through increased rinsing time. An additional heating period is started during the cleaning phase no matter which washing programme is selected. This is especially beneficial for cleaning containers and utensils such as baby bottles or kitchen cutting boards.

Other key features and benefits include:

  • Dosage Assist – an innovative detergent dispenser that ensures all detergent is completely dissolved for perfect cleaning results
  • IntensiveZone – increased spray pressure at a higher temperature for extra cleaning strength for heavily soiled pots and pans
  • VarioSpeed – a time-saving function to reduce the length of the programme

The Bosch ActiveWater Eco² dishwasher will be available at all leading retail outlets island-wide from July 2011. Retail price is S$2,499.

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