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This section contains the reviews and interviews.

  • Learn About Chinese Tradition With Taoshu and Friends

    When my children start asking me why are we eating mooncakes and why is there mid autumn festival, I start to realize that I was dumbfounded. I have been missing out so much on the rich chinese tradition.

  • Review of Kellysjy Photography

    But by the time she started clicking, I easily get convinced that she's a real pro and she enjoy what she's doing..she was able to make Reggy comfortable

  • ClickN Spell Reviews

    The program is done by allowing the child to look at the given word and copy it on the space provided. Once the child was able to imitate the word correctly, the child then has to spell it without looking at any model.

  • Talking to Toddlers Review

    Instead of yelling, saying no endless times, and then giving in, which is a pattern that every parent knows too well, this program teaches you how to talk with your toddler in ways that have a positive outcome.

  • Review on Growing Up Gifted (GUG)

    With the help of loving and passionate teachers and the creative and all-rounded syllabus at GUG, Nicole has definitely enjoyed her pre-school years at Growing Up Gifted.

  • Ladybird Books Mini Series For Older Kids

    The book provides concise and fascinating facts that the boys are interested to learn and explore. It is a great first book about DINOSAURS

  • Review On Ladybird Books For Toddlers And Preschoolers

    My kids love the page with a simple maze when the book prompt them to help baby whale swim through the ocean to find mummy whale. They will use their fingers to trace the path again and again.

  • Review of Peek-A-Boo!

    Peek-A-Boo! is a latest addition to the Indoor Playground that your kids will enjoy so much. Here is a review by one of our parent who has bought her kids to Peek-A-Boo!.

  • ClickN’ READ Children Phonics Game Review

    Review of ClickN Read. An Online Children Phonics Game for Pre-Nursery and Kindergarten Kids. This is another alternative interesting tool for learning phonics, which is an important skill to conquer English.

  • Amore-Bakery Interview

    I love blogging and taking pictures of food. After I fall in love with baking, I decided to have a page where I can store my bake pictures there. Amore, also mean Love, was named by my hubby - Baking with love.