Mothers have always been that consistent ally for her children. Mothers are protectors, avid supporters and fan and primary teachers of knowledge, manners and life skills.

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We have always considered our mothers to be that ever-eager talent manager very much willing to show-off her children’s talents and wisdom.

We have viewed our mothers to be that same person who will push you up for inspiration and who will waiting there at the bottom to catch you in times of failures.

We always thought that mothers are everything we can think about. But then again, mothers are human beings with limitations, too. Here are some ideas which we think our mothers are but actually are not:

  • Mothers are not those mechanical recorders. You might find them talking all the time about life and lessons in life. They may talk about the same things more often than not but different from recorders, mothers desire everything good. Their talking may be irritating but in the end, the benefiting party is you, her children.
  • Mothers are not household machines. They are innately created to accomplish multiple tasks at the same time but the bodies also tire up that they need a moment of relaxation and rest. Find a chance to provide your mom some soothing entertainment like good books and fun movies you could all share while at home.
  • Mothers are not all the time adults. They are kids, too. They also need to be cared for. Buying your mother some new clothes or some accessories would be appreciated by her. They don’t have to be very expensive. It is always the thought that counts.
  • Mothers are not robots. They are not made to follow you anywhere and everywhere you go. Earn their trust and you will definitely be given the freedom you deserve.
  • Mothers are not fortune-tellers. Mother’s instinct is a good trait for them to guess something about their husband and children however; you need to talk things out at times. Communication is important as you tell your mom how you fee and what you think about a particular condition.
  • Mothers are not hard-hearted stones. Whenever you talk back, their feelings are hurt more than you’ll ever know. They could give you the kindest words but that does not mean you can tell them everything you want.
  • Mothers are not perfect individuals. They are also geared to committing mistakes. In as much as they try to be the best, they are also bound to err.

Mothers are special people crafted for the betterment of the homes and for the righteous development of their children. Take some time to think of something which could trigger that sweet smile on your mother’s face. A touch, a hug, or a kiss from you is enough for your mother to know that everything is falling into place because of her loving and caring hands.

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