It was a huge worry for Ben and Vivien when Clare couldn’t move across the floor independently when she was 7 months old.

They instinctively knew that all babies were made to crawl at the very least to develop the motor parts of the brain. They were searching for answers and thus their journey with Clare began at GymnAdemics.

After attending the GymnAdemics program for twice a week, their little one manage to crawl within 1 month.

From no independent movement, to highly independent in mobility. She no longer depends on daddy and mummy for transport. She finds moving on the floor a way of life and she is happy to move on the floor.

This is Clare’s full program that our staff at GymnAdemics designed for her. It includes intellectual and physical programs. Intellectual programs are reading English, Chinese and enhancing encyclopedic knowledge. There is also the physical part where the teachers try their best to work the kids to the best appropriate age developmental milestones.

Some kids fall back behind and do not crawl due to many environmental influences like nanny’s worry for the child and thus carrying her all the time. At GymnAdemics, teachers encourage all children to crawl. That is the only way that they can learn to move. From crawling, they develop motor functions and build a larger chest. This will help in achieving their next milestone which is creeping.

Quickly after learning to crawl, Clare learns to creep. This creeping phase is not an easy task for her. It requires balancing, stability and good arm and leg muscles to move in a cross patterned manner. Her creeping is only made possible by providing her sufficient opportunities to crawl which is assisted by instructing the mom to conduct a crawling program.

During crawling she develops good arm and leg muscles and she gets used to the long distance through many opportunities of crawling in the crawling program. From here, she goes on to creeping and experience a faster way to move. Clare mastered creeping within 1 month.

The bits of intelligence program is a unique program that introduces children to our real world of facts. Cartoons, purple dinosaurs and the big yellow bird are good but they do not drive enough facts for children to learn. Being young has a ton of benefits.

The younger the child, the easier they learn about the world. Clare here loves the bits of intelligence program. Mummy presents the information in a loud clear manner and the card she presents is big, large and unambiguous. This is the best scenario that a kid can learn about the world.

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