Millions have seen this video. But it concerns ALL of us – this message can save lives.

using mobile while driving

See how six people go about their everyday lives. But what happens in the middle of the video should serve as a warning.

This campaign visualizes one thing plainly: every message, every email or every picture can decide between life and death.

Because even when one believes, “only looking for a second” is harmless – the slightest distraction can turn into a deathly danger while driving.

And no message, text, or picture is as important as your life – “It can wait”

Share this protective message with all people who are close to you.

Here is another video of a driver texting and caused his car to crash and flip.

Texting and Driving Crash Caught on CameraThe video, captured on January 4th around 1:15 a.m., shows a 2004 Pontiac Grand Am driving directly in front of Officer Ivan Moorer's patrol vehicle, swerving and slowing for no apparent reason. The officer followed the vehicle until it turned onto another road. The car then abruptly accelerated, drove up onto the sidewalk and struck a guardrail, bus stop sign, and tree before flipping over. The driver, 23-year-old Michael James Woody Jr., was able to crawl out of the vehicle uninjured. He told police that he was texting and took his eyes off the road. Next time you are in a situation where you find yourself texting and driving, think of this video and put your phone down. This guy was lucky that he wasn't hurt. You might not be so lucky.

Posted by Techknowlogy on Thursday, January 16, 2014

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