True Motherhood Stories

I am a mother of two and an aunt of 24. Yes, the family’s big and most of my nephews and nieces often rush to me for help on their assignments and other stuff which their parents could not do for them because they are very busy working. I was just lucky enough, though, as I have landed on a job that does not require me to be out at night. My sister, for instance, works as a mall manager and she stays out beyond ten to eleven in the evening till mall gates shut out.

Her kids would crowd into my small pad asking me questions about their school work and so on and so forth. Staying for two to three hours after class, I usually ask them to stay for dinner and we eat together along with my kids. Sometimes, they fight over some kid concerns and I end up the monster aunt who pacifies them with a fierce look, like their mother. This went on for months and my sister would shout out screaming for them to go home whenever she comes late in the evenings.

Surrogate Mother

Her eldest was a scholarship grantee in the same school where I teach. I used to remind her to complete all her requirements so to keep her scholarship I assisted her in all her projects and I just thought I was acting like her mom for a while. The recognition rites came where students are awarded medals for their achievements. My sister and I were both there. We were so proud of our children because my daughter was second in rank while my niece was the humble first. My daughter ran towards me after receiving her medal. What struck us in awe was that my niece ran towards me, too, to give me that big warm hug of thanks before she did to her mom.

I felt a little embarrassed for that. My sister cried and I hugged her back. We understood what happened and we don’t want this surrogate mother thing to happen again. From then on, we both worked out for her daughter’s good. She tried to go home earlier every night and see that she calls her every now and then. On my part, I pledged that wouldn’t happen to my kids. They will forever be priorities above anyone else in this world.

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