UK Good-For-Teeth 100% Xylitol Sweets for kids aged 3 & up.


In Finland (where Xylitol has been famous for years) some schools give out Xylitol confectionery to kids to keep their teeth healthy. Tingz is endorsed by the British Dental Health Foundation with the following claims:

  • Eating Peppersmith tingz with Xylitol is good for dental health
  • Eating Peppersmith tingz with Xylitol helps reduce plaque
  • Eating Peppersmith tingz with Xylitol reduces the risk of tooth decay
  • Eat Peppersmith tingz for healthier teeth
  • Eat Peppersmith tingz after meals, two to three times

international dental health foundation
Parents like it. Kids love it!

Xylitol’s ability to reduce plaque and tooth decay has been demonstrated in hundreds of clinical and field studies. The ideal amount of xylitol to eat is between 5g and 10g per day. Importantly, these should be split into several servings, ideally after each meal or snack. Try and keep tingz in your mouth for at least a minute.

Our Xylitol (a sugar alcohol) is made from beech trees, ensures no GMOs in our ingredients and it’s 100% sustainably sourced.

Available in 2 natural flavours (No artificial flavours, colours or preservatives):
– Strawberry & Vanilla made with real strawberries and natural creamy vanilla.
– Orange & Mandarin made with juicy real oranges and mandarins.

Each individual bag contains 25 sweets (15g).

Stellar Young Pte Ltd is the authorized distributor of UK Tingz by Peppersmith

uk tingz in 2 flavours

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