Our Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong, knows how to do it.

And according to Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg, PM Lee is one of the few world leaders who knows how to do this.

What is it that our Prime Minister can do that other world leaders can’t?


The future of our world is digital. Learning how to programme not only sharpens their logical thinking, it also enhances problem solving skills and builds creativity.

“When you learn to code, you start thinking about processes in the world,” says Mitchell Resnick, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor heading up the effort to build the child-friendly programming language Scratch. Scratch has 6.2 million registered users and is accessible to children as young as five.

Educators in the United States are now calling for making computer science a cornerstone of the curriculum, even for grade-school kids. But what about Singapore? How can we raise a child in the 21st century with the right tools and skills to prepare them to be successful for a digital world?

Childrens Coding Workshop Singapore

Tink Tank consists of a group of aspiring entrepreneurs from Singapore Management University who speak an array of programming languages. Armed with their own teaching experience with kids, they aim to empower more children with ability to think logically, and to bring out their perseverance while solving challenging real world programming problems.

TNAP is giving away two Coding workshops on 20 February by Tink Tank (worth $210 each) to two lucky winners!

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Contest ends 10 Feb 2016.

Important notes:
Winners will be notified via phone and email.
An e-ticket of the 20 Feb workshop (worth $210 each) will be emailed to two lucky winners.
This e-ticket is non-exchangeable for cash or other products and services.
The workshop is suitable for children age 9 – 12 years old.
Each child will be required to bring their own laptop.

Go to www.tinktanksg.com for more details of their upcoming workshops.

Congratulations to the following winners!

1. Sheba Khan

2. Cordelia Lam

* Winners will be contacted via phone and email.
Computer Coding workshop for children