Thomas and friends day of the diesel movie times

Thomas & Friends: Day of the Diesels

In Day of the Diesels, there’s a fire on Sodor! Thomas and his best friend Percy fight the fire until Flynn and Belle, two new fire engines who are experts at putting out fires, arrive to save the day. When Thomas starts to spend all his time with Flynn and Belle, Percy feels left out.

Diesel uses Percy’s loneliness to lure him to the Dieselworks. At the Dieselworks, Percy is made to feel very special by none other than the master of mischief Diesel 10! As Percy spends all his time with the Diesels, chaos ensues and Thomas becomes trapped at the Dieselworks!

Only when the Diesels are running amok in the Sodor Steamworks does Percy realize his folly in trusting Diesel 10. Percy then wastes no time in rallying his Steamie friends to retake the Steamworks and save Thomas!

The movie will be screened at 3 Cathay locations (AMK HUB, CINELEISURE ORCHARD & DOWNTOWN EAST) for at least 4-6 weekends (depending on demand).

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