the-wotwots-dvd-flamingoThe WotWots is a series of adventures between two soft-puppet aliens, a brother and sister, who came to explore planet earth in their power-steamships and end up in a local zoo. The series of The WotWots series comes in four set of DVDs including

  • Sneak-a-peak a Flamingo
  • Sneak-a-peak a Peacock
  • Sneak-a-peak a Tiger
  • Sneak-a-peak a Zebra

The WotWots DVD Reviews:

The adventures between SpottyWot and DottyWot are really exciting, educational and entertaining which is an appropriate choice for the young kids .


Of course there are some playful conflicts and differences between the two siblings along the way. Instead of focusing on the conflicts, the series highlighted on how to manage conflicts such as taking turns and cooperation. I believe that this is an effective method of modeling pro-social skills among young children.

The combination of real-life documentary into the animation series is excellent for young children. This will allow them to separate fantasy and real world; and to be able to relate to their own experiences and immediate environment.

On top of that, every episode focuses on a particular vocabulary. The narrator decodes the word repetitively, allowing children at home to follow-along as well!

Let your kids enjoy the joy of discovery as they embark the zoo journey with SpottyWot and DottyWot at The WotsWots!

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