Dear Readers,

The New Age Parents™ online parenting magazine Aug / Sep 2013 issue is out now. National Day 2013 Special: Ways to Forge a Singapore Identity in our Children.

Aug Sep 13 CoverBelow are the highlights of this issue:

  • Important Check Ups During Pregnancy
  • Introducing Sign Language to your Baby
  • Common Misconceptions About Childhood Illness
  • Choosing the Right Toothbrush and Toothpaste in Children
  • Raising Bilingual & Trilingual Kids
  • All About Phonological Awareness
  • Parenting in Today’s Era
  • Senate Focus Getting Back to the Bandwagon
  • Financial Planning: What Types of Plans to take up for a Young Family
  • Learning Mathematics The Heguru Way
  • Nurturing a Cosmopolitan Child
  • and many more.

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