the little red hen in singapore

the little red henDates: 28 February to 16 March 2013
Duration: 50 minutes with no interval
Venue: Drama Centre Theatre, National Library
Recommended for: 3 to 14 year olds and Families of ALL ages

Written and Directed by: Brian Seward
Music composed and arranged by: Bang Wenfu
Featuring: Candice de Rozario, Erwin Shah Ismail, Windson Liong, Daphne Ong and Elizabeth Loh.

The Little Red Hen is a Family Musical that is both educational and fun for all who enjoy laughter and a lesson in helpfulness. Accessible and engaging for both young children and adults, it is a well-known and beautiful story.

Have you ever worked hard on a project and found that no one would help you along the way – but when the project is a success, suddenly everyone wants to claim the credit, and enjoy the results?

red henWelcome to the world of the Little Red Hen!

This production is specially designed to engage the younger audience, with excitement, humour and learning points coming thick and fast! With catchy songs, colourful characters, fun and interaction to create a memorable and educationally sound experience for all. Interactive elements will keep the youngsters alert and attentive; and as they listen, engage and interact with the story, valuable lessons are learned.

One day Little Red Hen found some grains of wheat.
“Maybe I can make some bread from these,” she thought. “I wonder how?”
“I know, I will ask my friends; Mouse, Cat, and Goose!”
Then the Little Red Hen went to her three best friends and asked, “Will you help me?”
Find out exactly how helpful her friends Mouse, Cat, and Goose are; and what they learn too!
Little Red Hen learns how to grow and harvest corn; and discovers how bread is made.
On the way, her friends will learn some very valuable lessons about friendship and helping one another.


Stylish & Ingenious! Good way to start kids on theatre performances.
Ethan Sim (Parent)

Innovative and colourful. Great for the imagination, and able to hold young children’s attention!
Mrs Jeri Wheeler Hsu (Parent)

The easy language, the lively entertainment and the values taught – the show was EXCELLENT!
Stephanie Wong – Teacher

Loved everything! Presentation, stage presence of the actors, props (excellent) and music score! Loved the interaction with the audience!
Catherine Sebastian – Storyteller

Monday to Friday: 10.30 am and 2.30 pm
Saturdays: 10.30 am, 2.30 pm and 7.30 pm
Sundays: No shows

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