Timmy Visits the Dentist

Congratulations to the following 5 winners of our ‘Healthy Smile Series’ Giveaway. They have won a set of ‘The Healthy Smile Series’ written by Dr Lim Swee Teck worth $75!

1. Andy Lim

2. Qing Shuang

3. Krizzy Medina-Buendia

4. Tan Chew Ee

5. June Goh


  • Winners will have to self collect at t32 Dental Centre
  • Collection Address: 1 Orchard Boulevard Level 17, Camden Medical Centre, Singapore 248649
  • Opening Hours: 8.30am to 6pm on weekdays | 8.30am to 1pm on Saturdays. Closed on public holidays and Sundays.

The Healthy Smile Series books can also be purchased at t32 Dental Centre.

Each set contains a total of 12 books:

Volume 1: Timmy Visits The Dentist
Volume 2: Timmy Turns Six
Volume 3: The Tooth Fairy Visits Timmy
Volume 4: Amy Has “Milk Bottle” Decay
Volume 5: Timmy Gets His Teeth Sealed
Volume 6: Amy Has a Bad Toothache
Volume 7: Christopher Breaks a Tooth
Volume 8: Isabel Sucks Her Thumb
Volume 9: Timmy Learns Flossing
Volume 10: Timmy Discovers The Truth About Cavities
Volume 11: Timmy Has “Bleeding Gums”
Volume 12: Timmy’s Dad Fears The Dentist

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