the-gruffalo-dvd“Can we have a story?” the little squirrel asks.

The story tells a magical tale of a mouse who takes a stroll through the woods. In the woods, he encounters three predators who all wish to eat him – a fox, an owl and a snake. In order to escape from all of them, the witty mouse makes up a story about a creature called a “Gruffalo”, and scares each of them away. In the end, the mouse meets the real Gruffalo, and manages to outsmart him as well, scaring him away. Clearly, the story tells us size does not matter, as the mouse managed to outwit all his bigger predators.

Boosting a stellar cast of Helena Bonham Carter (Harry Potter Series, Alice in Wonderland, The King’s Speech) as the Squirrel, and Robbie Coltrane (Harry Potter Series) as The Gruffalo, this award-winning animated film is based on the classic picture book written by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Axel Scheffler. With its colourful, crisp animation and clear voice overs, this 26 minute film stays true to the well-loved original story.

Distributed by Snap! Entertainment.