Are you tired of Hi-5 and looking for an alternative? If yes, you may want to consider The Fairies DVD. In The Fairies Series, the 2 fairies, Harmony and Rhapsody sing, dance and play with their friends in the fairyland.

When I first got hold of the singalong DVD, I had the impression that the DVD is for “girls only”.

It was pinkish and the main characters were 2 fairies. I did not introduce that to my son as I thought that he would not be interested. Surprisingly, it was quite well received. Though not so much into Harmony and Rhapsody, he loved Wizzy the Wizard and Bizzy Buzzy Bee.

The songs were catchy and easy to sing along for the children. The children loved dancing along and following the actions of the characters. What amazed me most is that my son who doesn’t dance actually danced along with the music. The children watched Fairy Beach, Fairy Magic and Fairy Dancing.


Of the 3 discs, they liked Fairy Beach the best. It is about Harmony and Rhapsody travelling in a magic boat with their friends in fairyland to the Beach Fairy, Bubble. They had lots of fun together and towards the end of every series, they had a very catchy song “Now we have to go”, which even my 2 year old daughter will hum along.

Although the children get hooked onto the english DVDs, The Fairies DVD is indeed good entertainment to keep them occupied while I am busy.

Here’s a short clip on “The Fairies“. Enjoy!

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