parenting skill workshop

Beyond Parenting Tips: Developing a Parenting Strategy to teach your child good decision making

Target Audience: Parents with children between ages 5 and 12,

Summary: Parents often struggle with the transition from have a baby, ages 0 to 3, to that more independent thinking toddler who wants more control over their life. Parents, to be effective, will need to learn to shift their parenting skills from giving orders and commands to learning how to share the control of decision making. This require parents to be more creative parents, focus on what they have control of (themselves) and learn how to TEACH (not direct) their child’s decision making.

Parents often struggle with this because they think, “we’ll I’m the parent and the child should do what I say.” While this seems logical, children do not come pre-programmed to work this way. Old parenting styles of commands, punishment don’t work well in a world that requires thinkers and smart decision makers. This work shop offers you a new more effective reality on to parent that maintains your relationship, is more fun and doesn’t have the nagging yelling and blaming of old styles.

Date: Thursday October 31, 2013
Time: 11:30am to 1:30pm

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