Giant Kiasu Town Quiz Reveals Tampines To Be The Most Kiasu Town In Singapore
Giant Tampines to host a special one-day-only mega giveaway on 28 October from 1 – 3pm

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Do you live in Singapore’s most kiasu town? A recent inter-town competition conducted by Giant Singapore found Tampines to be the most kiasu town in Singapore, topping the leaderboard with a total score of 1,245,914 points. Residents from Serangoon and Jurong West came a close second and third with 1,226,692 and 975,174 points respectively.

To celebrate Tampines’ win, Giant will be hosting a special one-day-only mega giveaway on 28 October from 1 – 3pm at Giant Tampines hypermarket, where kiasu residents and supporters alike can queue to their hearts’ content and enjoy amazing lobangs like free drinks from Milo, Heaven & Earth Tea, Monster Energy Drink, Paddle Pop ice cream and pocket tissue as a reward for rallying together as a community. Calling all Lobang Queens, this is the best reason to queue at Giant Tampines on 28 October! What’s more, no purchase is required! Freebies sia – don’t say we bo jio!

Running from 25 September – 24 October 2017, the online kiasu assessment quiz attracted over 57,000 submissions. Each participant’s result was collated, based on their postal code, into an overall town scoreboard that showcases the top five kiasu towns in Singapore.

The results also showed that a majority of Singaporeans are Lobang Queens with 38% of respondents admitting that they will go the extra mile for good deals, 21% are Klassic Kiasus who are just a touch shy of being a full-fledged bargain hunter, 27% are Bo Pian HeckCare who are perhaps too laid back to hunt for crazy savings and 14% are Atas Maximus high class tai tais who are willing to pay full price for everything.

Other interesting insights found that:

  • Nearly half of Tampines residents would press the traffic light button repeatedly in hopes that the light will turn green faster. Must be the shiok factor!
  • Tampines residents are twice as likely compared to other town’s residents to rush and eat all the food in a buffet before others can get to it.
  • Half of the residents in Tampines would use either tissues, an umbrella or a bag to chope seats at a coffee shop. Nearly twice the average of other towns!
  • One in three Tampines residents would accept free concert tickets, despite not being a fan, so that they can re-sell them on Carousell.

The Kiasu Town quiz is part of Giant Singapore’s continued commitment to offer the best lobangs in town. Through the Giant Super Savers Club, bargain hunters can gain access into saving tips, weekly flash deals, giveaways, and a bunch load of exciting offers so everyone can become a lobang queen.

Press release by Giant

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