SwissBake 1 For 1 DrinksSwissbake‘s new drink selection comprises the usual Hot and Iced Drink but with a new twist; that is our cake-inspired Specialty Drinks – Cake in a Cup! This one-of-a-kind drink range is created based on popular cakes and pies like Red Velvet, Black Forest, Peach Cobbler and much more. Enjoy a streaming cup of Black Forest Latte or an icy cool glass of Red Velvet Frappe; if you are craving for something sweet our Blueberry Crumble Yoghurt Frappe is sure to satisfy.

To get the delightfully smooth texture of our coffee, we use Arabica beans harvested from the mountainous coffee growing regions of Latin America and Asia. It has a rich full-bodied aroma, mildly acidic yet with a well balanced bitter-sweet note creating a intensely pleasurable brew.

Swissbake‘s new drinks selection is now available at all Swissbake Cafes.

Swissbake’s Drinks Menu
swissbake drinks menu

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