Dear parents,

We are a group of Serangoon Junior College conducting a survey regarding cord blood donation in Singapore.

cord blood donationIf you are the parent of a young child or a pregnant mother, we would greatly appreciate your help for our research. Your answers will help us have a feel of how little or much is known about cord blood donation in Singapore.

With this information, we are better able to brainstorm solutions to tackle the problem of wastage of cord blood. We will also be sharing our findings and results with you.

Please click on this link for the survey.

It will only take a few minutes of your time and your help will be much appreciated. Kindly help to share this to any other parents or expectant Singaporean mothers too.

Thank  you.

Best regards,
Poon Hui Jun
Sharon Goei
Kum Tim Leng
Shannon Lim

This survey has ended.

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