Swissbake The Blond

Stay Slim with The Blond

The Blond, a new addition to the Evening Bread Family, is packed with similar wholesome benefits and added nutritional values!

Why is it called “The Blond”?

Unlike the Abend Brot (Evening Bread) which is grainy and has a dark crust. The Blond has a light crust and is soft on the inside. As the light crust gives the bread a lighter colour, therefore we named our new bread “The Blond“.

The Blond is proud to claim added nutritional values to its grainy counterpart (Abend Brot). It has reduced carbohydrates, a slightly higher protein level and a low fat contest at only 5.9%. Besides the additional nutritional values, The Blond is much tastier and has a much longer shelf life.

The Blond is definitely a player of our nutritionally high quality bread varieties, which fits perfectly into the modern healthy lifestyle of many.

Storage Tips: Since the Evening Bread has high moisture contest, it is best to maintain the freshness by putting into the refrigerator, and do not keep it wrapped in the plastic bag at high temperature area.

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