Each semester of the early childhood music and movement classes is designed to develop the motor skills, aural and pitching abilities of children aged 6 months to 5 years old.

Children will learn different note values, tempi, articulations and dynamics through play and instrument exploration.

The music activities give parents and children opportunities to become more familiar with various popular classics, learn different musical concepts, as well as enhance bonding between parent and child.

Each semester has a different theme, for example:
staccato music

  • Animal Carnival
  • Dancing with Nature
  • Instruments of the Orchestra I & II
  • Classic Remix with Storytelling
  • Music & Art
  • Music & Drama
  • Genre of Music

Musical concepts and theory are introduced in different depths based on the various age groups to help them develop a keen understanding of music in each theme.

The Staccato! methodology adopts not only the music education philosophies of renowned music educators of Carl Orff, Suzuki, Kodaly, and Dalcroze; it is also built on a well-researched premise that classical music brings overwhelming benefits for young children.

About Staccato!
We chose the name Staccato! to reflect our sense of excitement, vibrancy, energy, and passion for music. Dr Lee Pei Ming, founder of Staccato!, seeks to share her love for classical music beyond imparting music competence to her students.

Her desire is to create an approach for teaching piano and classical music that enables children of all ages to cultivate an appreciation and enjoyment of classical music in a developmentally appropriate environment.

Dr Lee is currently an Assistant Professor at the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, National University of Singapore

For more details of the various themes, visit www.staccato.com.sg/curriculum-music.htm

At STACCATO!, we also aim to grow with our students by providing a higher level of education in Group Keyboard and Individual Piano / Drums lessons where the students can continue their music learning programmes after the Early Childhood Music and Movement Classes.

We offer the following classes:
A. Comprehensive One Year Group Keyboard Lessons
B. Individual Piano / Drums Lessons

The individual lessons offer special attention to each student’s needs and talents and the other key benefits include:

  • Developing an understanding of, and competence in music;
  • Providing an avenue of self-expression through music composition, improvisation and
  • performance; and
  • Building up self-confidence and self-esteem, especially in students who require a bit more encouragement and support

Annual Events
There will be two recitals / concerts held in a year to showcase the students’ compositions or performances and also to celebrate our students’ talents and achievements.

These vibrant events provide teachers, parents and fellow students with the opportunity to recognize the efforts the children and their tutors have made, as well as the rich diversity of expressions in music.

For enquiries or more information about Staccato!, please contact us at
T: +65 6466 9497 • E: info@staccato.com.sg • W: www.staccato.com.sg