PLAY is extremely important in children’s lives. An integral aspect of your child’s holistic development, children express their creativity, practice and develop their social, thinking and motor skills freely through play. Play is also a great avenue where children connect with their peers and you! Make learning engaging for your child with the right set of toys and products.

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Working with Puzzles

A fantastic way to develop children’s cognitive development and help them think critically, Working with Puzzles is an educational toy designed to hone children’s problem solving skills, spatial awareness and self-esteem. The colourful puzzle pieces encourage matching and sorting skills while the popular puzzles for school-going children include changing pictures, amazing 3D and magic jigsaws.

Why we love it: With Galt’s wide assortment of puzzles, there is always something for every child. Their puzzles cater for toddlers to preschoolers. For the little ones, we recommend Baby Puzzles ($12.90) and Giant Floor Puzzles ($35.90).

Puzzle for kids

Magical Girl Club

Glitter, magic, fairies, princesses and all things sweet. In Galt’s Girl Club set, you will find unique activity packs for girls from preschoolers to preteens. These craft kits also make great activities for children’s parties or sleepovers.

Why we love it: The wide selection of activity packs allow your girls (and boys) to weave, stick, bake and sew! From origami to painting and card making, there’s a craft kit to suit all tastes and age. We recommend the Fairy Sparkle Mosaics ($19.90) and Charm and Jewellery sets ($35.90).

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Science and Discovery

Satisfy your little explorer’s curiosity and enter the world of wonders through Galt’s Horrible Science experiment kits. With these kits, children get hands-on experience with weird and wacky experiments to learn about their environment, from erupting volcanoes to how worms live.

Why we love it: Observing microscopic monsters, mixing up a storm and concocting their very own potions – these are not your average school science experiments your child gets to examine every day. We recommend the Slippery Slim ($17.90) and Violent Volcano kit ($17.90).

science experiment kit for children

Home Learning Books

Nurture your child’s interest for learning through Galt’s educational home learning books. These books are specially written and designed by experts to support pre-school and further learning. It also aids in developing foundation skills for life-long learning.

Why we love it: The colourful and imaginative learning books use bright stickers, friendly characters and activities to pique your children’s interest to learn words and numbers. The broad collection of books also cover skills from handwriting, spelling, counting and multiplication. We recommend the Times Tables Book ($8.90) with rewards stickers.

Craft Stationery

Creative tools give power to imaginative minds. Galt’s selection of children’s art materials provide endless possibilities for your child to unleash their inner Picasso. You can find a spectrum of art sets, poster paints, felt tip pens and pencils.

Why we love it: We say the most popular choice goes to the Squeeze ‘n Brush ($11.90 – $24.90) (for the younger kids) and Paintastics ($15.90 – $19.90) range – where the paint is IN the brush! Combine with different brushes, glue and play paper, Galt’s craft stationary has everything your budding artist needs.

Art and craft materials for kids

With over 175 years of experience in toys and education, Galt knows what works best for children. Their different educational toys and products are specially designed to encourage children to learn through play and had fun while doing so.

Infantino Enterprise Pte Ltd is the sole distributor of Galt’s products in Singapore. Galt’s quality toys and products are now available at all Major Departmental Stores.

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