Wink To Learn has launched another new product Speak And Read Malay DVDs

speak-read_malayThere are 4 DVDs to each set and they are designed to input more than 600 words using 48 topical lessons of fast moving flashcards. They help your child recognise words effectively by using proven flashcard-based techniques pioneered in USA and Japan.

Captivate your child through 6 levels of learning fun with:

* 1,200 vivid images
* Real-Life videos
* Fun music

Wink To Learn helps your child to:

* Develop a positive interest in Malay
* Recognise words
* Speak Malay accurately
* Form proper Malay phrases and sentences

Each DVD is about 40mins running time

Visit for our free video lessons and printables or catch the free videos below

Ms Nor Diana

The profiles of the Malay Language Teacher

Ms Nor Diana has a number of years of teaching experience in Singapore primary schools helping children to excel in Malay language

Speak & Read Malay 4-DVDs Program – “Personal Belongings”

Speak & Read Malay 4-DVDs Program – “Animals”

Speak & Read Malay 4-DVDs Program – “Self-Introduction”