babysleepDon’t miss out on this opportunity, we only do sleep training workshops once a quarter. You can attend this workshop on Thursday and by Sunday have the problem pretty much resolved! What are you waiting for? No need to wait and hope your child outgrows it. Stop listening to unhelpful sleep myths that keep you stuck. Learn how sleep works and learn how to correct it the right way. Sleep training is teaching the parent how to effectively change their behavior so that their child can learn to sleep better. Sleep training is not directly addressing the child as there is nothing wrong sleep training with the child, but rather the child is reacting to what the parent is doing.

Don’t let the fear of crying or bad stories put you off of sleep training one day longer. In my years of working with families often the “horror” stories of sleep come from the fact that there is a lot of inappropriate application of various sleep methods combined with cultural beliefs that are not based in the brain or biological reality of sleep for children resulting ineffective sleep training.

Sleep is a brain function and something that must be learned. Because it’s learned, it can be unlearned during an illness, long haul flight or holiday. Also as your child gets older their sleep needs change. In fact from birth through 18 months their sleep needs reduce every 4 to 6 weeks. Other issues that compound sleep problems are cultural beliefs about sleep amounts or bedtimes that are not based in the biological realities of sleep.

People put off correcting their child’s sleep because of fear of crying or because they don’t know what to do. Sleep training often gets a bad reputation because people, while well intentioned, do not understand how sleep works and do not implement sleep training correctly. This often results in a lot of crying and no improvement in sleep. There have been over 30 does since 2007 showing how poor quality sleep has such a negative and harmful impact on a child’s temperament, behavior and ability to learn. Not doing anything is often worse than learning how to correctly adjust sleep.

There is a real cost to both the parents and child when everyone in the family isn’t sleeping well. Lack of sleep is an official form of torture and activates a person stress system. Lack of sleep in both children and adults reduces memory, reduces frustration tolerance and generally makes people cranky. For adults who’s child isn’t sleeping well this can result in a loss of productivity at work and reduced ability to manage frustration. Children who are not sleeping well will appear to be more cranky, hyper and aggressive. Our program will demystify sleep training and give you the confidence you need to address your sleep problems.

Ms. Fontana, MS, NCC, CTRT and lead therapist at All in the Family Counselling will use an evidence based approach to teach parents about sleep.

Outcome of Workshop:

  • Teach you about child development sleep development
  • Understand how brain development affects sleep in a child
  • Clarify if attachment is impacted by sleep
  • Educate you on how sleep works so that when you correct the sleep problems you’ll understand the “how’s” and “why’s” of what you are doing
  • Give you trouble shooting skills so that you can problem solve in the event of illness, jet-lag and as a child matures.
  • Discuss in detail the 3 evidence based approaches to sleep training
  • Q&A to discuss any questions you have on your sleep training choice.

Topics Covered

  • Sleep Training Options
  • Reasons why sleep training fails
  • Transition from cot to big bed
  • Jet lag

Location of Talk:

55 Market Street, Level 10. Next the Bank of Singapore Building in the heart of the CDB. The workshop location is a 3 minute walk from the Raffles Place MRT.

Date: July 25, 2013. If you can’t make this date contact us about private consults

Start and end Time:

  • Start time is 11:30am
  • End time: 1:30pm


In order to provide adequate time to answer question only a maximum of 15 parents can attend, so please book in advance. We need 5 attendees to run the workshop. Seat is only confirmed upon receipt of payment- There are still spaces available! Please note there will be no refund if you cancel with less than 48 hour notice.

For questions contact: Tammy Fontana at 9030 7239 or

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