It is really a pity that I did not come across the Signing Time! DVD set earlier. I was recommended to Signing Time! DVDs by a friend of mine recently. I borrowed 2 copies from her and now I am tempted to buy the whole set of Signing Time!.

A brief introduction of Signing Time! DVD

The program is hosted by Rachel Coleman, teaching American Sign Languages (ASL) in a fun and interactive way. The 2 kids featured, namely, Leah (who is deaf) and Alex (who is hearing) are Rachel’s daughter and nephew respectively.  They combine music, animation and life action to illustrate the signs such as hungry, cookies etc.

They are created for children aged 1 – 8 years old. It is not only known to help kids with autism but it also helps reduce tantrums throwing as it provides another way of communication to toddlers who might not be able to voice out their thoughts and feelings completely yet.

A little summary on the volume that we watch:

Signing Time Volume 3: Everyday Signs DVD – We love the Silly Pizza Song and the signs taught in the DVD are:

Hungry, Apple, Cookie, Cereal, Banana, Bread, Cheese, Cracker, Ice Cream, Candy, Help, Full, Hot, Cold, Dry, Wet , Like, Don’t Like, Day, Sun, Night, Moon, Stars, Happy, Laugh, Sad, Cry, Boy and Girl.


Signing Time Volume 5: ABC Signs DVD – The kids do not only learn the signs of A-Z, they also learn some new words when Rachel introduce certain words to be associated to the alphabets.
My verdict on Signing Time!

Rachel, who is the host,  has a cheerful and happy disposition. The songs were cute and catchy which can capture the attention of the children easily. My children were very eager to try out and imitate the sign languages that Rachel, Leah and Alex are showing. After watching the DVD twice, the children can show some simple signs like hungry, cookie, apple, etc.

As for myself, I am attracted to the catchy songs as well. At times, I even stop what I am doing to watch with the kids. It becomes so natural that the kids and Ibegan to hum the songs that we learn in the DVD together. It was lots of fun for the 3 of us.

The kids and I are definitely going to complete all the 13 series of Signing Time! DVD.

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By Felix’s mother

When Felix was 1.5 years old, we started to use your Signing Time DVDs to teach him sign language. He quickly picked up sign language and then started talking, at such young age. He could express himself by sign language first, then by talking very well.

We bought the whole series of Signing Time DVDs (including Baby Signing Time) for him to learn at home. It was an effective tool for him. At the age of three, he can recognise more than 3000 words and is starting to read a Primary One level textbook.

He has keen passion to learn sign language through your DVDs. He loves to sing, dance and sign together with Rachel, Alex, Leah and Hopkins. They have become his best companions every day. I wish more people realised the benefits from the wonderful learning and teaching material of Signing Time. I would highly recommend the Signing Time DVD to all children for their learning!

Sylvia Mak Wai ChongSingapore

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