Congratulations to the winners of our Sea-Band Giveaway Giveaway! They have won themselves Sea-Band(s) each.

  • Chen Lingli Serene (1A)
  • Chua Siew Hoon (1C)
  • Choo Wee Jin Valerie (1A + 1C)
  • Erny Djohan (1A + 1C)
  • Kumarasamy Sindhu (1A + 1C)
  • Melanie Perera (1A + 1C)
  • Noor Shamilah Mohamed Ismail (1A + 1C)
  • Oh Bee Bee Iris (1A + 1C)
  • Qua Ruo Qi Evelyn (1A + 1C)
  • Sun Cheng Sean Alex (1A + 1C)
  • Tan Wei Wei Michelle (1A + 1C)

Important Notes:

  • Winners will be contacted via email/phone.
  • All prizes will be sent via normal mail. Winners may opt for registered mail at $2

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