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Do you know that music is a powerful tool that enhances children’s learning from an early age?
Teach your child to read through music today!

The Rocket Into Reading DVD series will teach your child to read over 1000 words. Original music, lyrics and animated flashcards are filled with rhythm, rhyme and alliteration children will love learning with.

Rocket into Reading Phonics DVD Series

  • Alphabet and Letter Sounds
  • Short Vowel Word Families
  • Long Vowel Word Families
  • Blends and Digraphs
  • Multiple Sounds and Spelling

Each of the words featured in the Reading Phonics DVD series are cleverly made into a short story and composed into a catchy song. One example is learning the sounds of the letter ‘U’, the song goes, “The camel was very cute, but he was born a mute, so he learned to play the flute…” Children not only learn new vocabulary words, but they also learn the concept of rhyme and alliteration. In addition, each word is accompanied by visual aids in the form of cute cartoons, which makes it highly suitable for audio and visual learners.

Rocket into Math (Multiplication Songs that teach!) DVD

  • Sing To Learn Multiplication

Concise and catchy, The Sing To Learn Multiplication makes learning times table so easy! Children can also learn the multiplication by clapping to the rhythm of the song.

The Rocket into Reading is a great alternative to learning dry and mundane concepts. Grab these DVDs and sing along with your child today!

For a preview of Rocket Into Reading Phonics Songs that Teach, click here.

Reviewed by Michelle Ang

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