Rock N Learn Phonics Vol 1 Rock N Learn Phonic DVD allows your child to learn English Phonics in an fun and engaging way.

The entire DVD is around 70 minutes long, and suitable for children age 6 years and above. It covers phonic skills and knowledge such as short vowels, consonants, blends & digraphs, word families, with silent and read-along stories.

What I like about Rock N Learn Phonics Volume 1:

– Catchy songs, rhymes and animated characters encourage children to read and allows simple self-learning
– A ‘Menu’ page allows children to select the type of phonics skills they want to learn and focus
– An on-screen mouth feature helps children to learn the correct way of producing certain word sounds
– A delayed answer function provides time for children to think for the answers
– A reading for fluency section provides read-along stories, accompanied with songs for children to sing along.

Rock N Learn Phonics Vol 1 is a fun and interactive way for children to learn english phonics, as it incorporates music in the phonic activities. In addition, the attractive animation helps to sustain your child’s attention. Overall, it is an educational and interactive resource, to keep your child occupied and learn important phonics knowledge at the same time. It is not recommended for your child to watch the entire video at once, as this may kill their interest in learning.

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Written by Yvonne