Ladybird books are my all time classics.  I read it when I was a child and now my children still enjoy reading them.  Recently, we picked up a few books for toddlers from Ladybird and here’s a few titles that my children love to read.

My Best Book about The Sea: This book is easy to read and it can be read to toddlers as young as going 2 years old.  I like this book because it encourages alot of interaction between the parents and the kids. There are simple questions prompted at which page to help the toddler think.  My kids love the page with a simple maze when the book prompt them to help baby whale swim through the ocean to find mummy whale.  They will use their fingers to trace the path again and again.

Talking about the pictures of the sea helps the children build their early learning skills such as observation skills, language skills and imagination.

Books for Toddlers My Best Book About The SeaEarly Learning - What's The Time

What is the Time? : It is a good book to get when the kids are learning how to tell the time.  It is a very simple book indicating the routine from waking up to night time and what was being done throughout the day for everyone.  At the end of the book, days of the week were introduced and I like the suggestion that the book give to help the kids remember the sequence of the days of the week.

What I like about Ladybird Mini-series books? : It is economically and very easily affordable at less than S$5 per book.  It is also small and handy, making it easy for the kids to bring with them during traveling. My children likes to bring them along to read while we wait for a meal at the restaurant. My son particularly loves to bring along the book Mad About Dinosaur, which I will talk about it in my next book write-up.

What I do not like about Ladybird Mini-series books?: On a contary to being small and handy, it is not as damage resistant as a huge board book that many parents love to buy for their toddlers. The wordings might also be too small to capture the toddler’s attention but the books are definitely perfect for story telling and reading for toddlers together, which is a good activity for parent-child bonding.

Have you read any good books for your toddler recently? We love to hear from you. How about sharing with our readers about it by leaving us a comment?