My kids have been exposed to their 3rd and 4th languages since they were very young.  When I was asked to review Teach Me…Japanese, my kids were as excited as I was.  Teach Me…Japanese is an audio CD and comes with a guide book, which the parents can use as a tool to enhance what the children learned on the audio CD.

teach-me-japaneseWe usually play it in my husband’s car and enjoy the songs on the CD on the go.  There are 19 songs on the CD altogether. The rhythm of the songs are very catchy and they are mostly evergreen children’s favourite songs like The More We Get Together, Six Little Ducks, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Mary Had a Little Lamb etc.

What I like about Teach Me Japanese?

  • The songs are sung in 2 languages.  There is a male singer who sang them in English, and the children and a native Japanese lady will sing them in Japanese.  The kids will be able to pick up a translation of the languages.
  • The rhythms of the songs are so catchy and familiar to the children. They have been singing them in English most of the time in school and it arouses their interest easily hums along with the songs very quickly.
  • There is a guide book that comes with the Cd.  The guide book even teaches basic Japanese alphabet to the children.  Most importantly, when my son asks me: “Mummy, what does it mean?” I don’t need to go: “Err….i am not sure too.”  I can always refer back to the guidebook to answer the question which will, in turn, satisfy his curiosity.

Other Thoughts on Teach Me Japanese

  • The guidebook is colourless thus the graphics are not as attractive but the kids don’t really care as long as they enjoy the songs in the disc.
  • Some of the lyrics, when converted to Japanese version, differs from the exact English version. For instance:  “The Wheel on the Bus” is sung as “The Wheel on the Car”.  I guess it is something out of the box and fresh for the children.

My Verdict:

We like the audio CD a lot.  Our family finds the CD entertaining and pleasant to the ears. Most importantly of all, the children are able to pick up Japanese words from the CD.  This is a program that is easily understood, even for people without Japanese background like me.  I would strongly recommend it to any parent who wants to expose their children to learn Japanese as a 3rd language or any beginners to Japanese.  I believe children learn best through music and fun.

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