Answer a simple question and get a $8 Dumex Mamil Gold Voucher. Enjoy greater savings – Save $20 + Redeem $8 Dumex Mamil Gold voucher^.

^ This is redeemable on Dumex Mamil Gold Steps 3 & 4 (1.7kg) Value Pack. Terms and conditions apply.

Redeem Dumex Mamil Gold Voucher

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Terms and Conditions

  • $8 Dumex Mamil Gold Voucher* is valid for redemption with purchase of any pack size of all Dumex Mamil Gold products including any promotional pack. Vouchers is not valid for all types of infant formula (for infants 0-6 months of age).
  • $8 voucher promotion ends 10 December 2014. While stocks last.
  • E-voucher: Click here to see other Terms & Conditions.
  • Voucher by post: Click here to see other Terms and Conditions.
  • Dumex Mamil Gold Steps 3 & 4 Value Packs are available at: Fairprice, Fairprice Finest, Fairprice Xtra, Cold Storage, Market Place, Giant, Guardian and Sheng Siong. While stocks last.