Rebel Kidz HelmetEvery child is entitled to his or her own safety helmet that will keep them guarded against the harsh conditions of the outdoors while they romp on their first set of wheels. Safety helmets by Rebel Kidz fit the bill as the safest option you can afford for your child. These helmets originating from Germany offer several features that place them one step ahead of generic models in the market.

If it does not fit, it won’t protect! Rebel Kidz lives up to their “one-size-fits-all” claim with three levels of adjustments. Interchangeable foam fitting pads can be attached to the top of the skull, which comes in different pad sizes and thickness; an adjustment wheel at the rear retention system to adjust the fit of the helmet; and adjustable side straps, all accommodate a child’s growing head circumference.

Rebel Kidz helmets also feature a pinch-proof magnetic buckle, using Fidlock magnetic closure technology, so those tiny fingers don’t get in a pinch struggling with difficult closings anymore! The hard shell helmet encloses the liner, made of crushable, expanded polystyrene foam to brace against impact.

Most parents will value safety for their children more than any other factor when choosing a helmet. Rebel Kidz’s Fidlock magnetic buckle (see Figure 1 below) does not snag the skin when adjusted with, unlike a normal clip system in generic models that so easily might. Rebel Kidz Helmet Fig 1In comparison to shoddily attached foam (sometimes even with tape) in normal helmets, a Rebel Kidz ensures foam lining is glued strongly against the shell of the helmet for full impact protection (see Figure 2 below).Rebel-Kidz-Helmet-Fig-2

With safety features such as these, they are probably reason enough for a parent to want to fork out extra for a Rebel Kidz helmet (retailing at $79), rather than a generic, mass brand helmet of a more acceptable pricing. It is no doubt a small price to pay for your children’s safety.

Rebel Kidz helmets are available in 8 colourful and stylish designs, from ‘POLICE’ helmets, to ones with a flame or butterfly motif. After all, kids will be more inclined to wear their helmets if they like the way it looks! Rebel Kidz helmets are best suited for kids aged 2½ to 8, available at all mothercare outlets & Niche Babies!

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