For children in P1-P6 in 2017, the Thinking Cap workshop is one that you don’t want to miss! A programme that meets and goes beyond the MOE curriculum requirements, this half-day workshop focuses on developing your child’s motor and visual perception skills through fun activities, as well as fostering emotional resilience and effective communication skills.

mindchamps thinking caps 2016

Your child will also pick up creative problem-solving skills, goal-setting and time management skills, as well as effective learning techniques that can be applied in the school curriculum.

Details for the workshop are as follows:
For P1 – P2 in 2017:
Session 1: 21 & 22 Nov 2016 (Mon & Tue), 10am – 1pm
Session 2: 29 & 30 Nov 2016 (Tue & Wed), 10am – 1pm
Fee: $68/session/child

For P3 – P4 in 2017:
Date & Time: 1 & 2 Dec 2016 (Thu & Fri), 9am – 6pm
Fee: $148/child

For P5 – P6 in 2017:
Date & Time: 5 & 6 Dec 2016 (Mon & Tue), 9am – 6pm
Fee: $148

Seats for the workshops are limited, so do book a seat for your child now via

mindchamps thinking cap