Our Great Singapore Sales is finally here AGAIN!!

Many of you have been asking for our Great Singapore Sales details!! Now, we are pleased to release the full details to every one of you! This year, we have better deals… and better package for everyone of you! For full details of our Great Singapore Sales, drop us an email now to request ya!

California Baby USA products are allergy tested and free of peanuts, soy or dairy. The products are also MADE IN USA.


Our private sales for California Baby USA products are NOW ON !

To receive the list of California Baby products on sales, drop us an email at info@shoppingparadise.com.sg and we will send the order list to you!

We also have other products such as Desitin, Rufflebutts USA, Ruggedbutts USA and Stephen Joseph USA which are now on sales too.

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For more information on the full range of our products, please contact The Shopping Paradise Team

Website: www.shoppingparadise.com.sg

Facebook fanpage: www.facebook.com/shoppingparadise

One of our Mommy’s shopping experience with us:

“Hi Jen,

It has been a wonderful experience shopping with Shopping Paradise. Thank you for being so accommodating with my requests and also for the speedy delivery.

I like all the products that I have purchased. Particularly, Therapeutic relief eczema cream and all the essential oils from California Baby.

I have a patch of itchy and dry skin on my left palm for more than 6 months now. After using Therapeutic relief eczema cream, the itch was reduced and the flaky skin smoothen after a few days of usage.

As I prefer to use the natural way of relieving my daughter’s stuffy nose, I used Cold & Flu essential oil with much success! I gave her a warm bath with 3-4 drops of Cold & Flu essential oil in it and her stuffy nose cleared up almost instantly. I love the fact that the essential oil is suitable for young children to use.”