Six-year-old pre-schoolers plan donation drive to raise funds for the victims in Japan

first-campus1. Twenty-nine Kindergarten Two (K2) pre-schoolers at The Little Skool-House International (LSH) By-the-Vista are doing their part to help the earthquake and tsunami victims in Japan. Over a period of two weeks (21 March – 5 April 2011), they will raise funds by helping their parents with household chores such as sweeping the floor, folding clothes, washing dishes. After tallying the total funds collected, contributions will be made to the Singapore Red Cross Society.

Little Tots With A Big Heart

2. As part of the LSH literature-based curriculum, the K2 students from LSH By-the-Vista engaged in a meaningful spin-off activity from a storybook entitled “Forgotten Forest”, which touches on global warming. Through the story, students learnt about natural disasters, the cause and effect of human actions that harm or benefit the environment. As an extension to the lesson, a newspaper article on the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan was read to the students to further illustrate the topic.

3. After listening to the article, the students felt for the victims and wanted to lend a hand to help them. During a class discussion, they decided to conduct a japan earthquake fundraising activity to pool a sum of money to the Singapore Red Cross Society for the victims in Japan. With the facilitation of their teachers, the K2 students started to brainstorm ideas and concluded that they will raise funds by helping with household chores at home. Appended to this release are drawings done by the students on what they plan to do at home to raise funds.

About The Little Skool House International

The Little Skool-House International Pte Ltd was established in 1994 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the NTUC (National Trades Union Congress) First Campus Co-operative Limited to meet the growing demand of quality premium pre-school education. Operating at choice locations such as community clubs, shopping malls, private residential estates and workplaces across Singapore, The Little Skool-House has 16 centres with more than 1,700 children. We pioneered Singapore’s first literature-based bilingual curriculum which uses meaningful children’s literature as a key medium to seed the learning process in children and to help them develop life-long learning skills; and expanded it with a project-based approach component that provides a platform for children to apply their skills and concepts in real life settings. Our commitment and track record in delivering quality early childhood education has made us the partner of choice to Government ministries, tertiary institutions, hospitals and private corporations.

Drawings by K2 students of Little Skool-House International (LSH) By-the-Vista on household chores that they will do at home to help raise funds