Post-natal massage has become more popular and well-recognized in Singapore. For many generations, post-natal massage has been practiced by Asians especially Malays, Indonesians and now 80% by the Chinese.

From my many years experience till now, I have served a lot of mothers. And I am aware and know what to expect from the massage.

Today, 90% mothers in Singapore goes for post-natal massage after their delivery, now that they are aware of the benefits. Even expatriates come to Singapore to have their post-natal services too.

We are informed by some expatriate customers that their country (e.g. London and other European countries) do not practice post-natal massage. When they actually tried it out in Singapore, they really enjoyed the sessions and started telling their friends about their experiences.

In Indonesia, women had their post-natal massage sessions for more than a month. However, in Thailand, women do not practice post-natal massage. Instead, they only have breast massage sessions. Therefore, they gave really positive responses after going through the post-natal massage sessions with us.

As for Singapore, we are quite flexible with the duration of the sessions. For example, most of our Chinese locals had their post-natal sessions at least for a week or 10 days. Those who can afford more, preferred having longer sessions up to 30 days.

I realized that there is an increasing awareness of the existence and benefits of post-natal massage. Women are more aware that with postnatal massage, they will be less stressful and their body will feel more energetic. In addition, it will also help them to slim down and aid their breastfeeding issues.


In my opinion, post-natal massage is best being done the traditional way. It is important to know about the benefits while enjoying the sessions. Post-natal massage helps to release stress, soften tense and tight muscles after a long delivery and provide support for breastfeeding mothers.

On top of that, after a few sessions, clotted blood (lochia) will be out and tummy will feel much better than before. We also have binding that will make the tummy smaller and will provide a good support for their back body during breastfeeding sessions for mummies.

jamu massage by traditional and holistic post-natal centreHot stone (river stone) really helps to soften the breast engorgement and baby massage should be inclusive in the postnatal package sessions.

Experienced Therapists

It is important to have experienced therapists to serve you during the sessions. This will allow exchanging and sharing of tips and right advices about post-natal matters and health.

Products used during the sessions should be safe and suitable to the different type of skin. All our products are lab tested and safe.

Experienced therapists should be able to answer to clients’ quires and act as a base of support to them, especially the first-time mothers. All mothers need support after their delivery. They should be informed of the wrong practices and taboos, for example, they should not practice pushing of uterus.

I realized that 80% Singapore mothers wish they could successfully breastfeed their babies at most for 6 month. I always encouraged mothers not to give up breastfeeding that easily.

My main mission and vision now, with my certified and experienced therapists, is to help more mothers understands better about post-natal massage and its benefits. Most clients still request to have my personal sessions but at the moment I’m only serve clients with breastfeeding issue. However, all my therapists are personally trained by me. I hope that all of them will give their full commitment, passion and confidently attend and serve to each client’s needs.

Thanks and have a nice day.

Mdm Rokiah, Founder of Traditional & Holistic Postnatal Centre