Pop Art is one of the many art styles art teachers around the world use to get children engaged. The visuals are eye-catching and loud. More importantly, the process of making art is endless. There is more than one medium to create a pop art piece, the project can be achieve through the traditional pencil and paint, it can be a collage and it can also be achieve digitally.

annette-soh-surfs-upI enjoy applying this art style to my lessons for the pencil and paint approach is a process children are familiar with. It allows children to shine in areas they are good at and to practice in areas they are unsure of. The outcome is always a WOW! To all.

Case Study: Filling in spaces plus a bold black outline

Jasmine, aged 10, loves her art lesson. She does her projects with great pride. She does not like her project to extend beyond the lesson itself. All project must be complete within the session. This resulted in her pieces being hurried in the last 10mins of the session.

It took us more than a year to get her accustom to the notion that each project will last two sessions.

  1. Jasmine chose four sheets of coloured paper, each piece is a different colour. These sheets becomes the background. We used double sided tape to paste it on a larger sheet of paper. Jasmine chose to paste the paper in a row.
  2. She chose her favourite animal, Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly, as her featured subject. She repeats the subject in all four sheets of coloured paper. We have to ensure that the image is large. The image of the butterfly is divided into no more than seven parts for colours to be filled.
  3. At the end of the first session, Jasmine painted two of the four butterflies.
  4. At the start of the second session, Jasmine was given 45mins to complete the remaining two butterflies.
  5. teacher-ranae-art-workshopShe was given a size ‘0’ flat-tip brush to execute the outline in. We have decided not to have her draw her butterflies using a wide nip black marker. We wanted her to practice painting lines neatly. And as a rule of thumb, the black paint is always used last.

This project is good for children for it trains in repetition of shape and size, after all it is not easy to draw the same objects identically

Contributed by Teacher Ranae’s Art Workshop from Singapore for children with special needs

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