One Nation Together, One Community Gathers:

Singapore’s Favourite Family Carnival Back With Additional Themed Villages And Fringe Events For Bumper Edition Of Fun, Games And Excitement

  • In partnership with Singapore’s National Day Parade Organising Committee, PlayLAH! Let’s Celebrate! NDP 2017, the 6th edition of the PlayLAH! series held at Singapore EXPO, will commemorate Singapore’s 52nd National Day through a myriad of activities and events
  • Families can expect hours of fun at the carnival’s 4 main zones – Play, Learn, Eat and Bond, together with the addition of new villages – Music, Sports and Tech, along with brand new stage performances
  • In collaboration with Fest Events International, the annual Singapore Drum Festival will be held alongside PlayLAH!, which includes the Ultimate Drummer’s Weekend as well as the Drum Off Singapore Competition


Date: 4 to 6 August 2017
Time: 12pm – 9pm
Venue: Singapore Expo Hall 5
Admission: Free

Singapore‘s favourite family carnival attracting an average of 20,000 visitors in each edition, is back for its 6th iteration featuring the largest and most exciting line-up of activities since its inception at SG50.

Themed “One Nation Together, One Community Gathers”, this edition of PlayLAH! Let’s Celebrate will feature a few distinct “firsts” for the event, which has amassed a large following of loyal Singaporeans due to the wide variety of family-friendly activities on offer. This is the first time that PlayLAH! is partnering with the NDP Organising Committee to bring National Day closer to Singaporeans and families. This PlayLAH! also marks the first time that numerous fringe events will be held alongside the carnival, growing the scope of activities beyond merely providing families with carnival fun. The introduction of new themed villages within the traditional 4 zones offered by PlayLAH! – Play, Learn, Eat and Bond, also provides families and children additional activities and options during their visit for the complete family experience.

PlayLAH!’s thematic zones – Play, Learn, Eat, Bond

Bigger and better than previous editions, the 4 zones traditionally associated with PlayLAH! – Play, Learn, Eat and Bond are back with new rides, game concepts and content to engage parents and children of all ages.

PlayLAH’s Play Zone brings families the fun of outdoors into the comfort of indoors through signature bouncies and children’s rides, as they have become well-known for their size and variety. There are plenty of carnival-style play structures meant for children of all ages, while not forgetting parents and grandparents. Visitors can choose from inflatables of various shapes, forms and sizes, and even giant mazes for the whole family to get lost in! Rides and bouncies include

  • Captain’s Ship
  • Racing Bikes
  • Circus Bouncer
  • Farm Slide
  • Extreme Large Challenger
  • Min-Paddle Boat
  • Carnival Game Booths
  • Inflatable Maze

amongst others.

The Learn zone enables families to re-experience the joy of learning, where in this edition new partners the likes of NS50, Society Staples, Singapore Discovery Centre and Extraordinary Horizons will add to the exciting mix of existing learning partners already in our mix, including National Heritage Board and PUB. There is always something new to discover, or re-discover, in this little island of a country we call Singapore. Some highlights include:

  • Life-Size-Games by Society Staples
  • WE: Defining Stories by National Heritage Board
  • Community in Bloom by National Parks Board
  • Sign Language Activities by ExtraOrdinary Horizons
  • Activity Booth by NS50
  • Farm Wall by Let’s Grow
  • Games & Activities Booth by PA Water Venture

With Singaporean’s ever-evolving palate demanding an ever-evolving selection of delectable food options, especially in a family carnival. Singapore and food go hand in hand together, so PlayLAH! has enhanced its food offerings this year in the Eat zone to bring families even more special, tasty treats to look forward. Some new F&B options on offer will include:

  • Noi Noi Sausages
  • Okada Sweets
  • Tunglok Catering
  • Coffee Bandits
  • Fiesta D’Arena
  • Curry & Tandor
  • Quandut Trading
  • Noodle Cafe

As for the Bond zone, there will be activities galore where working on something together as a family is the order of the day. Be it handicraft, DIY workshops, game booths or even exploring new technologies together, the variety of activities in the Bond Zone will ensure that everybody in the family is involved and engaged. Some of the new offerings will include the Jumping Fitness booth by Jumping Singapore and children’s olympiad challenges by Singapore Kindness Movement. Others include

  • DIY Animal Lantern
  • Fan & Wooden Bark Painting
  • Do-It-Together Workshops
  • Scratch Craft Workshops
  • Colouring Workshops
  • Future Learning Workshops by StagMatch (Robot Coding)
  • Ninebot Mini Pro Maze by ITE College Central in collaboration with Ninebot Mini Pro Equipment

PlayLAH!’s new Stage Performances

Distinguishing itself from traditional carnivals, PlayLAH! provides wholesome stage entertainment for the whole family and this edition will see evolved, exciting mix of performances and stage activities by working with the best partners for the ultimate family experience. Participants are also encouraged to join in the fun by participating in various planned stage activities. Some highlights include:

  • Bolly Dazz Workout by Bolly Dancing Studio
  • Chinese Dance by NTU Chinese Dance Club
  • Guitar Performance by St Patrick’s School Guitar Ensemble
  • Deaf Performance by ExtraOrdinary Horizons
  • POUND Rockout Workout by Grace Sagaya
  • Malay Dance by Greenview Secondary Schools Rentak Permata
  • Save-A-Life Skit by Singapore Heart Foundation
  • Project Blue WaVe Skit by PA Water Venture

As part of the Ultimate Drummer’s Weekend held alongside PlayLAH!, one particular intriguing stage performance will be sure to ignite the senses – Singapore’s very own three-generational drummer ensemble. Tony Zee, a 71-year old drum legend and founder of Singapore fusion band Jeramzee, will perform live on stage alongside 42 year-old Ivy Koh, an ex-banker turned music school founder, and her 12 year-old son Matthew Tan, a finalist in at Singapore’s annual Drum off competition in 2016.

PlayLAH!’s new Thematic Villages: Music Village, Sports Village, and Tech Village (in collaboration with Challenger)

In a celebration of firsts, PlayLAH! Let’s Celebrate! 2017 will see fresh new thematic villages specially created for additional fun, games and activity options for the entire family.

The PlayLAH! Music Village, part of the Learn zone, will see a collaboration between SingEx Venues International and Fest Events International to bring together a mix of everything that families will ever need to experience and learn about music under one roof. From instruments covering various genres to music course offerings and hands-on workshops, there will definitely be something for anyone remotely interested in the world of music. Choose from a myriad of the latest range of music instruments on display, to the provision of professional music courses suitable for the whole family – as long as you are a music lover, you and your family will definitely be able to find something that suits your tastes and needs.

The PlayLAH! Sports Village features sporting partners, exhibitors and volunteers coming together to bring families a mish-mash of wholesome activities, including children’s trampoline by Jumping Singapore, Ninebot Mini Pro games featuring shooting hoops, manoeuvring through obstacles and playing floorball on wheels (by ITE College Central), and mini obstacle courses in the Kindsville Friendship Olympiad. The PlayLAH! Tech Village, brought into the carnival through official Tech Gaming Partner Challenger, will offer parents and children the unique opportunity to experience new technology gadgets and lifestyle offerings together as a family, part of the learning journey where families come together and enjoy technology while appreciating the role it plays in today’s world.

About PlayLAH! Let’s Celebrate! NDP 2017

PlayLAH! Let’s Celebrate! NDP 2017, Singapore’s national community event curated and organised by SingEx Venues International, will be held at Singapore EXPO Hall 5 from 4 to 6 August 2017 from 12pm – 9pm. Admission to the event is free and no pre-registration is required.

Carnival coupons can either be pre-purchased online or at the venue, in $5 denominations. To receive complimentary $5 carnival coupons, visitors can simply download the official PlayLAH! app available at the Apple App Store or Google Playstore from August 2017.

NTUC silver card members will be able to redeem free goodie bags (on a first-come-first-served basis) when they flash their cards at the door.