Pediatric Massage (小儿推拿) is a traditional Chinese therapy with a long history of success. Through massaging unique acupoints that are found only in children, this gentle and safe therapy can treat common childhood ailments, as well as boosts children’s natural growth and learning ability.

Discover and learn from Ms Doris Seau, an educator and certified therapist, on how Pediatric Massage can help you to raise happier, healthier and brighter children.

Workshop Details
Date: 15 Dec 2013 (Sunday)
Time: 12.30pm – 5.00pm
Location: Grande Vista Condo Function Room, Cactus Drive (Off Yio Chu Kang Road)
Workshop Fee: $50 per person. (Including training manual and beverage).

What You Will Learn At This Workshop

  • Introduction to acupressure points and meridians in children
  • Learn how Pediatric Massage can be part of a holistic treatment for common ailments, boost immunity and brain development
  • Hands-on practice for parents on basic techniques of Pediatric Massage

*Child Tuina Wellness Plan :

  • Boosting Immune System (增强免疫力)
  • Improve Digestion System (强健脾胃)
  • Improve brain and focus (健脑益智)
  • Shoulders & back care (肩及背保健)
  • Legs & joints care( 腿膝关节保健)

** Child Tuina Treatment Plan

  • Fever
  • Cold / Flu
  • Cough / phlegm
  • Tummy discomfort: Constipation & diarrhea
  • Malnutrition
  • Eczema
  • Asthma
  • Nearsightedness (Myopia)
  • Certification & Experience of the trainer

Doris Seau is an international Accredited Educator and experienced Trainer and Educator in promoting Child Wellness and Health through massaging. She has facilitated numerous Child Nurturing Touch parents-child workshops in Thailand, Japan, China and with Thomson Chinese Medicine in Singapore.

She will use many easy,fun, and effective ways to share with you in how to bring up children holistically by promoting their health,happiness and potential through Child Tuina Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Doris Seau was recently conferred CHILD TUINA SPECIALIST (HONOURS LEVEL) by the China Education Ministry, Labour and Society Ministry and Industry & Information Ministry.

  • Instructor of International Association of Infant Massage, IAIM Australia
  • Instructor of Pediatric& Autism Massage Therapies of Liddle Kidz Foundation, USA
  • Therapist & Pediatric Tuina Massage (小儿推拿高级推拿师)specialist of Qingdao Traditional Chinese Medical Massage school
  • Trainer of Prenatal& Postnatal Care Program of Shenzhen HOME Hospital, China

She was also featured in an parenting portal article:

Registration Details

Please make your cheque payable to “SEAU BEE GNOH” and mail it together with the registration form to:  24 Cactus Drive #02-01 Grande Vista Singapore 809694 (Attn: Pediatric Massage Workshop)

Closing date for registration: 8 Dec 2013 (minimum 10 couples to start the workshop)

For enquiries, you may call BEL QUEK  at 97489488 during office hours or email to:

You can also register first and make payment at the workshop.


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